1. the same from them and cheaper...very surprised by this a good way

  2. Sintmint is not animal mints that's only part of the genetics ppl need to quit saying it's the same

  3. I hand trim my own and no way in hell that it changes the %..lmao..

  4. Ya it would there would be a lower concentration if it was machine trimmed common sense.

  5. What are you smoking on boss? Tell us about it and how great of a deal it was.

  6. Georgia pie , lemon cherry gelato, the soap, and jealousy all from the BM fuck the dispo terps on terps!!!!

  7. Only hand trimming flower is a lot to ask of a employee base. They'll want to hire more people to help out with this. They'll be up against crazy timelines and deadlines for revenue. Good on them though, that's awesome news!! Glad some cults in Ohio are still keepin-it real!

  8. Uh they are obviously doing it because they have the man power and because money isn't the number 1 priority and they charge a premium for their product at least they give a little bit of a shit

  9. If you vape on 385 you're smoking lol cannabis combusts at 360..

  10. It's a actually a quarter icc it's (icc × chemdawg × fire og × mac1)

  11. Thank you I’ve been looking to pickup some klutch next time it’s on sale

  12. If you like the taste of lemon G which is Ohios Own created here decades ago get Lemon Slushee..

  13. O43 imo because its what my body likes.. myrcene levels thru the roof (16mg in my current batch)

  14. It's not 16 % it's probably 16 MG which is 1.6%...there's nk flower out there with 16% terps let alone just one terp with 16%..

  15. It's all bag appeal way too dry like dust little to no terps...

  16. Man, I really live in the wrong area. Seems like you guys have it made in SW Ohio, the best dispensaries and lowest prices are down there. Doesn't seem like there are any good options in Columbus. I normally drive to Newark which sucks to have to do, and the prices are still so much higher than in SW Ohio. I need to move!

  17. Tim was very impressionable, I have the feeling, maybe out of desperation because he wanted so badly to believe in miracles. He would read something in a book and suddenly it was the TRUTH and absolutely lifechanging...! So he started reading a lot of eastern philosophy and also alternative gurus etc - and swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

  18. I mean who says reincarnation isn't real I don't believe you should ever kill yourself but no one knows whether it's real or not maybe we do come back unless your dead how do you know???

  19. Animal Face is wonderful. It is not for the faint of heart. If I had the choice to only have 1 between the 2, I'd buy the animal face everytime. Ymmv

  20. Animal mints on a completely different level the kost recent animal face is subpar

  21. Wym he won’t get a full ride? you can die from eating that shit. It’s no joke

  22. the lemon slushee is amazing. Dolce is some of the best looking piff I've seen in a while oher than icc, or 43, budino, etc

  23. Puff lmfao whatvare we 20 years behind lmfao who says that anymore lmmfaooo

  24. I’ve got an ounce of obj that is all foxtail, ounce of heatlocker that is half foxtail, ounce of big head that is half foxtail. In the past I’ve had that occur in ounces of super lemon dog, catfish, triangle mints. It’s not all of their flower, but I think that part of the problem might be their grow house layout. Don’t know if they grow vertical or just have a lot crammed together but it seems to me that you almost get two or more phenos in their half ounces. I’ve seen pics of bud in the same bag or jar that look like totally different strains. Like I said I’ve got two ounces right now where it’s half and half. Don’t really know how to explain it, think it’s confluence of a lot of small issues that lead to a product that’s a grade below what it could be with the genetics they are using. Just look at a photo of their mimosa next to ancient roots, or their mac next to standard or other cultivators. Always looks different.

  25. That's just a matter shit thats not how it should be gotta start holding companies accountable

  26. I'm sort of confused. What would be better than a sealed mason jar? I keep all of my pipe tobacco in them and they work beautifully to preserve the moisture and characteristics of each different blend.

  27. Use boost 62% you'll never go back boveda is meant for cigars traditionally and I have heard complaints of odors their packs can give off as well only use Integra Boost

  28. That’s nice of you to say:) I can tell the hair straightener has major limitations and that I’m only scratching the surface of what’s possible, hopefully I can upgrade sooner rather than later!

  29. Straightener gets to hot you want lower Temps and a way longer press better quality terps etc

  30. Definitely am planning on it, I’m gonna have to budget some saving so I can get one!

  31. Honestly they aren't even that can find ones people have made on their own for like 150 bucks...

  32. It looks ok looks don't mean much tho I've had bud that looks less frosty be way more terpy and medicinal looks can be deceiving

  33. Klutch is consistently good! Most reliable brand in the program in my experience

  34. You should always bring a mask no matter where you go? Are mask regulations new to the City. Bunch of fools getting upset at a medical marijuana dispensary where customers are compromised. And don’t even comment to get a caregiver. We should be able to leave our fucking houses to get medicine without some shit for brains that got their license without medical records causing a big fucking scene. I hate people 😂

  35. Now I can use my remaining 10 days before my reset and get an oz of whatever I want 😌.

  36. Big whoop lmao yall are goofy acting like this is some huge deal the dispos still suck

  37. Then they are idiots not that much changed lmfao this will die down buncha 1st of the month govt check mfs too can't afford food but they gotta get their weed halarious

  38. There's no "New days"... the only thing new is the removed tier system...and any tenth is 1 day in stead of 2 etc its just changed how they are used up a little you get more cannabis in same days of what used to be tier 2 but it's the same for what used to be tier 1 I wouldn't word it like new get a little more cannabis products than you used to I wouldn't quantify that as "new days" the way you're saying it is misleading and inaccurate

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