1. There is no flair for this type of content, so I has to "Make do and Mend"

  2. If you saw someone spamming slurs in this sub and he hasn’t got banned, would you spam slurs too?

  3. lol. My grandma didn't have indoor plumbing when she was a child. She had to go outside to the outhouse to use the toilet. She often talked about not having toilet paper and having to use either a corn cob or pages out of the Sears Roebuck catalog. Kids today are so darn spoiled. lol

  4. Destroy Dick Décembre or Don't Diddle December

  5. There is something here I despise...

  6. You have to figure out, based on my posts previously released.

  7. Noah, get the ark, and deny this person access.

  8. That wasn't some, but borderline all.

  9. Press the three dots, then press edit.

  10. I can only change the body text unfortunately.

  11. I was the first brit in this subreddit.

  12. So at what point do you become an adult and start contributing or is it on your parents to house and feed you for life?

  13. I wonder how you were not downvoted to Malebolge.

  14. For suggesting that people don’t live with their parents for their entire lives? Who would want to do that anyway?

  15. No, just, thats an unpopular opinion.

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