1. no thanks my phone can handle the 2% of battery

  2. I became a pokémon fan because of the NSFW arts....

  3. For real? Like, you ended up playing the games and/or watching the animated series?

  4. Ye, i played the games and watched the anime before but i only became actually interested in pokemon because of the NSFW arts

  5. i think that buses could be a great ide too, like a mix of bus ans subway

  6. isnt that common sense to tell that eltric cars takes a lot of power to work?

  7. Yes but sadly only on android, but not everything is lost becuase after creating a account on android you can use the website password recovery tool to login on your PC and then uninstall the imgur app from your android

  8. I found a way to get around of this, you need to sing up on the android app because on the android app it wont ask your for the phone number and after creating a new account use the password reset tool to login to your browser

  9. I hate reddit's user privacy policy damn, also this guy is not joking, he actively defends being a p3d0phile in the comments without a single hint of being a troll

  10. I hope that he is just a well elaborated troll

  11. The dog looks quite similar to scooby doo

  12. this is so gross that the image wont even load

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