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  1. I haven't seen Lifee so I can't comment on it but but Interstellar and the Maryian are great. However, if you think Ad Astra was anything but shit, you wouldn't have appreciated the other two in the first place.

  2. I haven't been on this sub in years and not all situations are the exact same but I had a similar situation. It's not going to get better they will leech you for any time they can and make you feel bad for when you can't work. School should be your priority if that's possible for you. I worked through my first year while in school for astronautical engineering and the bitch of a boss I had would always try to make me take more hours and would intentionally condescend me and act like I was hurting the store by not taking more. Even told them that school would come first during the interview and they acted like my minimum wage job should be higher priority. Fuck you Myrza

  3. Wait that purple thing that we took down in halo 3 is a lekgolo worm colony, like the hunters?

  4. The scarabs are, I don't know if the large AA cannons are if that's what you're thinking of.

  5. The thing that Johnson was using when helping arbiter get into the ring’s activation chamber in halo 2

  6. I'm guessing one of the parts somehow (maybe a corrupted mod?) had its values changed to NaN and when adding a number to NaN the NaN propagates. Even the cost is NaN so probably more than an arm and a leg.

  7. None of your notebooks mean anything. It looks like you just took acid and Adderall and scribbled a bunch of random thoughts about middle/high school math.

  8. You're not going to survive an engineering program if you don't want to be an engineer. You have to be borderline masochistic, a super genius, or actually what to be an engineer to do this.

  9. Hardest class I've ever taken (not lowest grade). Space Craft Attitude Dynamics and Controls, (SADC), often what people get as well. I'm in astronautical engineering and it's a mandatory class for us. It is one of the hardest, probably hardest, classes I've ever taken. Not because of the prof or material, it's just a hard class. Lots of 3D, multi-frame dynamics, that gets crazy really quick. Shit loads of Simulink for the semester project.

  10. It appears more likely that the tail rotor impacted the cliff wall causing damage to the blades and the imbalance tore the tail rotor gearbox off. There’s definitely not an “obvious” cause.

  11. Always hated when my dynamics prof would say something was obvious. Like yeah, you've been in industry for the last 30 years, for most, this was 3rd or 4th semester.

  12. Because this ship is a Legendary tier ship, apart from it's nerfed secondary range by 1km it kept all it's stats and attributes of being a Tier 10 ship on PC. It's literally just been slotted a tier lower to attract money.

  13. Hard to tell, how different GZ will perform compaired to Parseval, because we do not have stats for her, yet.

  14. 25.4mm/in. Divided barrel diameter by 25.4 mm to get in. Ex 406mm/25.4mm/in = 15.98 in ~ 16 in

  15. Yeah, my first though on reading OP's question was that if they are able / allowed to incorporate a quick change canister system they could legitimately be able to do changes quicker.

  16. How do you access the maverick mods?

  17. I know, but the keyboard is still useful (I imagine you're playing right next to your keyboard with the controller like I do) and I use it a lot in general. Showcase camera, active pause, afterburners (although you can just click throttle again when normal engines max out to activate them now), autopilot throttle, communicate with ATC using the numbers, and opening stuff on the toolbar.

  18. Trump was literally impeached for holding back military funding and support to Ukraine.

  19. I want that ship more than anything! I'm from Anchorage, AK and the native Alaskan art inspired camo on it looks amazing! And that's coming from someone that usually doesn't like native Alaskan art much.

  20. Yeah the Xbox controller is hard to get used to with very twitchy aircraft like the F-18.

  21. I got the tier 3 and 4 yesterday from two crates and spent 750 gold for the one time 5 large crates. Didn't get anymore of the tree ships but got the Friesland!

  22. Would be nice! Kinda was a bullshit climax to what could be/have been an awesome character with so much potential.

  23. Not relevant to WOW Legends but something worth a Google are supercavitating torpedoes. If you want to talk speed these are torpedoes capable of 200 kts. For the most part theoretical with only a few prototypes but very interesting to look into.

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