1. Oh no, this is how zombies are going to be created

  2. If only they could share gum and eye ratio between each other

  3. Don’t worry about what others think and double up on yourself

  4. What a loser trying to save face. Sorry guys you’ve lost respect from me.

  5. Use heinola, he won’t work out in the NHL and people are still high on him.

  6. He doesn’t strike me as a guy that would welcome such idea. To much of a gamer.

  7. Mopar/fiat product have reached an all new level of poor quality

  8. Yup! Was there a couple weeks ago for oyster night

  9. What day is their oyster night and is it buck a shuck?

  10. Worst was when you’re taking a dump and here someone use it without any water being used.

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