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  1. Got sent this by a person since i am the gun guy that everybody knows ,but i have no idea what this might be all the information i have are only these 2 pictures

  2. says the person that doesnt go to cars and coffee like a fucking loser. hey loser? did you just come from losertown? because youre such a fucking loser lmaoooooooo go find your dad and go to cars and coffee and then come back to me

  3. You think that saying shit like that will annoy me when you can't even get the falsified suicide statistic correct

  4. Communist and confused, on dear these sicknesses are combining. Lord/gods/whatever tf, have mercy on this poor soul

  5. Damn, I kinda envy them right now. I fucking want some chicken.

  6. Tikiuosi pas mane to trecio draugo, draugu rate nera. Net siurpas pajeme

  7. Its possible you are behind CGNAT and port forwarding won't work. You can check this by going to the routers website -> Settings -> Device Information (

  8. Is there any other way to get a private IP address. Without calling your internet provider?

  9. Your other post mentioned running a minecraft server so I'm assuming that's related to this post.

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