1. Culture has everything to do with laws. We are a Christian based culture, and our basic laws start with the Ten Commandments. Don't steal, don't kill, don't cheat, and so on. In Iran, their laws are based in Muslim law, or at least their interpretation of them. All laws begin with the people who make them.

  2. .... what? No we're not. Lol. Securalism is a very Canadian value. We believe in the separation of church and state here in Canada dude

  3. Wrong. Giving a person a home does not create care or respect for ownership. Neither does government or reservation housing.

  4. Boots are needed on the ground but that is not sustainable, long term measures need to be funded/supplied . From what it sounds like , residents in those areas want to feel safe so increase police presence addresses that but if nothing is done to address the root causes then we would be wasting money and manpower for nothing

  5. This isn't something I really hear from actual residents there. These are talking points from people who go downtown once a year and complain about it everytime.

  6. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see anything that says there are just looking to fine/arrest people or criminalize homelessness and poverty in general. As the article mentions, studies are pretty clear that increased police visibility in an area reduces crime.

  7. Lol so the logical deduction is that the most pervasive tyrannical communist organization in modern history is more likely ‘right-wing,’ because they don’t reflect the values of a western left wing voter?? common now! 🤣🤣 Someone throw this kid a bone pls.

  8. Yes , actually. It's like Joe Rogan classifying hamburger as pork because it's got the word ham in it

  9. 🤣 ya? Just like that eh? Or… and hear me out on this, is it more likely that your orientation has determined that rightwing = bad. Therefore, all bad things = rightwing. This next part is going to rock your world. All tyrannies are bad. Both left and right political orientations can be tyrannical. It’s ok to recognize that extreme ideologies are destructive. CCP is a destructive communist regime. That’s irrefutable.

  10. No, their policies are quite literally hard right social conservative. Yes yes I know they call themselves the communist party WHICH MEANS HAMBURGER IS PORK BCZ HAM IS PORK AND ITS GOT THE WORD HAM IN IT HURR DIRRR.

  11. IF you had zero services for the Homeless drug user population, then yes. I think they would all leave at some point or get clean since they would have no choice.

  12. What you think does not really matter. Everybody loves bringing up anecdotal evidence of why they think "bootstraps" is the way to go, but I am telling you as someone with actual experience: the population you are barricading into the cold is the same population you instantly call the cops on the second they step into any business.

  13. I’ll never understand how banning speech could be considered progressive. If anyone took the time to look at any ACLU or CCLU history, they would understand why it’s important to allow people the right to speak. Sure, people’s ideas can be absolutely repugnant. But the right to speak is universal for a reason.

  14. If 90% of the faculty and student body shows up to protest, it's a waste of time, resources and money to book her at all in the first place.

  15. Brilliant. You've figured out that all social problems are actually racism and all racism is white racism against blacks. Your prize is a cruise with Robin DiAngelo; don't hurry back.

  16. Sociology is treated the same as any other academic endeavor; everything requires a proper citation backed by a reliable source, and must pass a minimum level peer review standard before publishing.

  17. She should be forced to pay the CBC's legal fees out of her own pocket for wasting all their time like this.

  18. Yeah, the more I read about him the more I realize what a prick he was. His reputation has been surprisingly well preserved even to this day though.

  19. If he were alive today no one would hold him in high regard, he would be universally regarded for the narcissistic man baby that he was.

  20. So that makes it okay for Shandro to threaten intimidate and harass people then?

  21. The more important question: why aren't more people calling out Shane getson? The man was literally threatening to execute his political rivals. Like there's a correct and incorrect way to have constructive discourse and the current UCP method of threatening people who don't vote for you isn't really it.

  22. I think it's also worth noting I found crude swastikas spray-painted under the bridge north of town.

  23. I think a major problem in Canada is you have conflicting systems that are at odds with each other and they are reaching a breaking point. On one side you have a socialist based healthcare system which depends on tax payer dollars to operate. This is fine and good, but you have to have a culture that supports this. In the US where healthcare is for profit, the whole capitalist approach makes sense even if it is unethical. For example you have a very unhealthy population that is hooked on fast food and prescription drugs, that’s all good and exactly what you want if you are also profiting from the sick people. If you have to pay for those sick people though, it really doesn’t make sense and a it should be of the utmost importance to keep people healthy and make laws that encourage this.

  24. How are you going to teach them skills to maintain jobs, provide meaningful addiction and mental health support, and educate them to maintain their housing if they dont even have the housing and the stability it provides?

  25. Sadly, it doesn't seem like he's canceled at all. He's still getting film roles, and I've seen several entertainment news sites trying to paint him in a sympathetic way.

  26. If you grew up with 3d FF, it's more impressive going back and blowing your mind trying to figure out how they crammed full final fantasy games into super Nintendo cartridges than it is to see the leap from 6 to 7.

  27. Absolutely, I love this era of gaming because 3D was the wild west, and few devs were sure how to approach it. Couple that with weak hardware and you see what devs were able to first accomplish in 3D with so little. It's absolutely got a real charm to it.

  28. N64 psone was crazy in hindsight. That whole generation kind of feels like a giant test run.

  29. That's not how science works. You don't make an extraordinary claim and work backwards to prove it, nor do you expect others to "prove you wrong".

  30. As someone who would be like to use the LRT I would say I don't give a shit where they go. You want them in close proximity open up your home. The LRT cost a damn fortune fuck handing it over to a small minority or unstable fuck ups.

  31. Ah yes the "surely it's the bad guys that turn cops into monsters" slant. Interesting.

  32. It won't say anything specific because the NDP isn't actually all that irresponsible.

  33. This post reads like it was written by a dude who's on the war room payroll. I refuse to believe OP is a woman.

  34. Repercussions for the terrible behaviour of police is some pretty strong wishful thinking.

  35. It's not bad cops protecting other bad cops, it's also defeatist trolls on the internet.

  36. In the podcast he did with Rick Rubin he said that he listened to N.W.A when they made it big aswell as a few other west coast artists. But yes he mostly listens to rock/metal but he still appreciates hip hop, old and new

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