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  1. It's insane how much money Nintendo is leaving on the table right now. Imagine how much more money they'd be making right now if the had a "Greatest Hits" line where they sold physical releases of all their old GC and Wii games for $20 or $30 bucks a pop? Physical version of Luigis Mansion on Switch anyone? I'll never buy a digital version of their games bc I can't trust I'll still have access to it on their new system but I'd definitely pay up to have a physical copy.

  2. "I want cheaper games, but I don't want to buy digital. So why don't they rerelease old Gamecube and Wii games. If they don't, thats STUPID!"

  3. Damn, is there any gruit product available in the US? I'd love to try that

  4. I'd be interested too. I hate the taste of beer and I'm pretty sure its the hops I don't like. Maybe gruit would taste better?

  5. This is why I rinse my dishes off right after using them so stuff like tomato sauce doesn't fuse onto it lol

  6. Agreed. Just wash right after cooking and eating or hell, while you're cooking wash stuff so you don't have a pile at the end.

  7. Ah ok. As a homeowner I'm expected to salt/shovel the snow off the sidewalk but the actual repair and replacement of the concrete is the city's job.

  8. I know this is the wrong sub for this but I'd use "finished" very loosely. You still need to mud that drywall, prime and paint. Then an underlayment and flooring. You're also missing a lot of trim work. /s

  9. This is always said in these situations and maybe this is a bad take, but I'm fine with that. Until there's tangible consequences for this behavior, it'll never stop. And it's not like taxpayers will get a bill the next day. It's still draining the cities account. Maybe once enough cities and police departments get taken to the cleaners, other cities will start taking steps to stop this.

  10. Maybe deer are starting to take after cats and dogs , and want to befriend humans and live in our warm homes with unlimited food

  11. Maybe the deer was depressed and saw a way out of its misery? Instead it got head scratches so at least it has that going for her.

  12. At the risk of getting downvoted, I've tried the dishwasher method before that the 8BitGuy has also tested on an LC. So long as you use canned air to help get any remaining water out from under the chips and giving it ample time to dry, it seems to be fine.

  13. Always wanted one back in the day in red, but they were expensive, found a mint condition one today, I remember reading reviews about it being uncomfortable, so far I like the analog stick and D-Pad.

  14. Many ssd manufacturers offer a free cloning utility. A few are Acronis based. The WD one gave us issues till we decrypted the drive. First time using their tool.

  15. I stopped after season 4 or 5 when it seemed to go off the rails and was no longer about being spies. It's it worth picking back up?

  16. No way I have time for that. 45hr/wk job, home renos and a 7mo old keep me too busy.

  17. I think technically your bank is supposed to report any transaction over $600, so it's not limited to platforms like eBay. But I totally get your point.

  18. Probably mixed awe, fear, and decision making.

  19. Our cat and dog aren't fans of our 7mo old. Cat is indifferent. Only really cares about me. Our dog really really doesn't like the baby. If we sit on couch hold him, the dog will get off the couch and go lay down somewhere else. She's slooowly sorta warming up now. Weve also been doing treat base positive reinforcement. Hopefully your experience is better.

  20. Between Decrapifer and ShutUp Win10, the OS is nice and quick even now.

  21. Not sure. I tried to order it a few years back but my order kept getting canceled.

  22. I'd be very curious to open up a Brother Epson or Canon cartridge. Pretty sure we'd find the same thing.

  23. All the canon ink tanks all my Canons have had have all been clear.

  24. Look I’m no vet but this cat doesn’t look at all drugged to me, just chill af!

  25. I've had a cat like this. The secret is to handle it a lot by a lot of people and annoy the sh!t out if so it just learns to put up with whatever is happening to them.

  26. I wonder if that's why my upgrade to W11 is conveniently ready today. Probably going to toggle the TPM in my BIOS so I don't get an unpleasant surprised.

  27. Check out this tool. Easy to follow GUI and you can turn off those reminders and other things you might not want.

  28. I had five masons come out and none wanted to use the proper materials. All wanted to use type N for the bricks and type S for the stones. I ended up doing it myself. It's not difficult to learn and I enjoyed doing it. I'm tired of it now but that's cause Ive done the entirety of my basement lol.

  29. I used NHL 3.5 from limeworks. Im not terribly concerned about the hardness of it as the bricks in our 1876 are medium hardness, not soft. I'd expect an 1895 would be similar but check to be certain. Scrape a screwdriver over it and see what it does. If it leaves a 1/16" scrape it's soft. If it leaves a visible scrape but didn't scratch to any real depth it's medium, if it doesn't do anything it's hard.

  30. Thanks for the reply. This is more info to go on than I've gotten so far. Sounds like I need to test my bricks hardness first.

  31. Ground up moon rocks straight into the veins.

  32. That's how you get moon dust poisoning. Next thing your going to tell me is you want to upload yourself to a computer.

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