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  1. Actually looking for the same thing. Cheaper entry would be nice too, just because my bills in the US, caused a triple charge. (I hml rn) I'm here the 20th-27th of January. (I'm here now).

  2. It's not just about buttholes... some guys don't like boobs, some don't like women in general... it's weird to explain without sounding bad lol.

  3. Saw him last Saturday in Orlando at The Vangaurd. It was an amazing show.

  4. First time seeing him since Cube V3 at the Anthem in DC. Great show. Venue needs better AC though lol. Thank god for the guys passing out free cold water.

  5. Great shots. I have a couple good ones too, but I like your angle better. Dope ass show.

  6. The silver one with the black mouth and I bought two more the gold one and the pin head one.

  7. Left or right side? Wonder if you were standing like right next to me lmao. I was left

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