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11-year-old calls 911 to help mom from abusive partner, responding officer shoots 11-year-old instead

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  1. Yo soy Argentino y vivi 6 años en Canada. Ningun Argentino que conoci alla tenia acento britanico. De hecho a mi se me pegó y tengo el acento Canadiense, igual que a varios que conocí allá.

  2. I mean. No. AM is an extremely good counter to Dusa as your pos 1 😂

  3. Did you really use your cellphone to film your monitor instead of just using obs or literally anything

  4. Yeah baby. Even better, I recorded it using the Facebook Messenger app

  5. Hahaha this cracked me up, thanks for the laugh. Have a good day man

  6. Get blink dagger. Blink away whenever you see the purple sh1t flying towards you, it will disjoint the projectile. Eul them, if you have one. Also never ever show your position to them, be sneaky.

  7. I think he means euls the enemy as they nullify you

  8. Right, I missunderstood. Still maybe less than 10% of the nullifys you get are from heroes without magic immunity, except for slark. Otherwise your allies can save you by just casting one stun, or you can stun them yourself.

  9. Fuk Blizzard! They're into out of season April fools jokes.

  10. Fuck Russia, government is literally cartoon villain evil, and civilians are basically showing their support by not protesting.

  11. I mean, Piccolo very much succeeded in killing Goku though.

  12. That's hardly proof. You should show your Dota account so people can actually see you are being placed in Immortal lobbies as a legend player.

  13. I found his matchid, his account is set to anonymous still, OP is kinda silly

  14. I can't even begin to comprehend how spaghettified the code is for this to happen

  15. I've been a software engineer for more than 20 years and I can't even fathom how the fuck this could've happened.

  16. Naga is a fish, on land. Why does she have the fastest movement speed?

  17. This editor probably has a targeted audience who loves videos like these, but it's too much stimulation for me.

  18. Great QoL change imo. I'd add abandoned and disconnected to take into account the edgecase.

  19. if you click abandon you can't reconnect - you're gone

  20. If you abandon due to 5 minutes of not reconnecting you can absolutely reconnect even if you got an abandon.

  21. If he was unconscious and his ID was on him, they would get that info.

  22. I don't think they can charge you if you refused service, never got into the ambulance, and you didn't call it.

  23. They absolutely can. I was in a car accident, and an ambulance was called.

  24. Oh wow, I stand corrected then. What the heck is wrong with that system?

  25. I'm Immortal and if you love your life and what you do right now, I'd trade that in a second for my dota skills and be forever guardian 3.

  26. "invis" is a game mechanic, which is different from the english term which is broader, none of these make you invis (the game mechanic) even if they make you invis (the english word).

  27. smoke isn't invis and isn't revealed by dust

  28. That last sip must have been just enough to be too much weight.

  29. Fuck Valve can be cheap can’t they, have made 100’s of millions from this dota 2 game. But don’t want to just buy the rights to the term from blizzard. An ego through the roof.

  30. We don't know what happened behind closed doors. Blizz at the time wanted to get HotS to the top, and might've refused to sell the rights no matter the price.

  31. On an 80 minute game where dire defended megas, I was lich. There was an omni and an mk on my team. The mk ultied next to their ancient, their kunkka did this shit, and then our omni ultied (with aghs) to ALL THE MEGAS ON THE SCREEN FLYING AROUND. First time I had 1fps at dota for like 2 seconds.

  32. I have an honest question; I thought Russia was drafting all their men to the war?

  33. I have an honest question; I thought Russia was drafting all their men to the war?

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