1. Too many toxic kids on this sub angry for no reason lol

  2. I’m praying to Christ they do and I can just buy them

  3. That's the kind of attitude they want you to have, what's the point in playing the game if you can just pay your way to get what you want?

  4. it’s a videogame mate. Not everybody has time to grind the shit out of it, some have school, family, jobs etc. Some would gladly pay 60$ to buy an end-game card

  5. Saved lots of stars from season 1, i did the 85+ pp and got 2 85's to choose from.

  6. Why do it at all but most importantly why loaded???? Nobody watching this video is gonna know if its loaded or not whoever you are recording this for lol

  7. Too much to scroll through the players effectively. I think this whole WC Players thing is a hidden nerf to SBCs :D

  8. Me and my friend played one when we were bored, we are in the 4%

  9. no it's definitely shit servers. You can do anything offline with ease. Get online and it's a lagfest.

  10. Facts, I can green time perfectly in squad battles but rarely online

  11. Even better when striker falls over, trying to tap it into the empty net.

  12. This happened to me except he did the animation to shoot then decided to freeze and let it run by, I don't even get angry at fifa anymore, it's funny

  13. I wanted one too but I only start playing 2 weeks ago and couldn't spare the coins

  14. Haven't got Viera yet but op cards tend to have hidden stats and animations which make them unique

  15. same for me, I tried playing with classic and alternate, but my mind is locked in early 2000’s, so I have to shoot with square and run with R1

  16. Yeah, I'm the same, I trier switching spring to R2 and it felt like I'd never played a fifa game before lol

  17. I play with the pes controls as well (alternate), r1 isn't sprint for me. Everything works. Did you set things up manually?

  18. No I use custom controls and made R1 sprint myself, it's stupid tho they should let us customise the button we use for runs and I could change it do R2 or sometning

  19. At least the males and females are awful as each other, equality!

  20. I was comfortably Elite 1 when I went to bed but woke up to Elite 2. Guessing SB is a bit more popular atm due to objectives.

  21. There's a way to calculate how much you need, I think you need to figure out how much its gone up by, times that by 12 then how many Hours left, then add that to the current elite one score

  22. It's more likely a new 'feature' from EA. It reduces the efficacy of sniping off of the market. May lead to more Fifa points sales

  23. But you can still use the app and it works from your squad and is not on last gen

  24. Got 10 dupes from it and ive only been playing for 7 days so not got many cards

  25. Spain gold rares going for like 3.3k right now, sell!

  26. You're dating your intern who is almost half your age, her brothers wanted to find out if you're a creep and they did.

  27. Haha, I don't think I made it to half time once, not to mention overtime;)

  28. Yeah longer I've been is 55th mins one time, this mf is playing with 5 defenders tho lol

  29. usually considered better to take fin in the morning after a meal as any physiological process from the fin will happen during the course of the day and mostly reduce any drug effect during sleep (chemical secretion in brain during sleep etc) .

  30. Because this is how capitalism works. They wanted more money for themselves, they thought they would shake out the competition then up prices

  31. And yet doing any sort of decent thing gets called "virtue signaling" by the shitheads who typically use the phrase

  32. An example of virtue signalling is all these media orgs, taking the money and complaining about how awful qatar is

  33. Fuck me you lot complaining about this. If you’re playing 60 games in a 24hr period you need to give yo fucking heads a wobble.

  34. With golden goal it's possible but 60 is fine. Should still be unlimited imo

  35. They realised all the casuals would just stop playing.

  36. Sorry bro healthcare is provincial so you'll have to have a fake ID for the nearest province to you. Also, we are already completely fucked and the system is crashing due to negligence, ignorance and greed. We canadians wish you well and if you do decide to do a public healthcare thing, make sure to get a team of SMART PEOPLE to solve the problem of how, not just doctors or politicians.

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