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  1. Yes. A huge part of how Jeffrey Dahmer got away with his crimes for so long is because police were staying far away from the gay scene in Milwaukee - in fact bringing a man he was in the middle of murdering who escaped BACK to Dahmer's apartment and believed it was a "lover's spat" that they didn't want to deal with. In communities with larger gay communities, police spent their time raiding gay bars and arresting everyone in them.

  2. Deferential treatment and poor investigations Occurred in the UK with the Grinder murders and in Toronto with Bruce MacArthur

  3. I’m fully at a loss for words. It’s an inconceivable tragedy on all levels, especially for the father who has to live with what he saw and the immense loss of his children. If she really was of sound mind and planned the crimes, she deserves no sympathy or leniency. I’m still inclined to think she was suffering from post partum psychosis. Also, I’m not overtly familiar with whether or not it’s prosecutors jobs to paint the alleged in the worst lighting possible in a scenario like this. Anyone else that’s familiar with these sort of cases have any input? Like if she were truly suffering from post partum psychosis would the prosecutors still be trying to allege she planned these crimes? I guess part of me wonders if she was that deep in PPP how she had the presence of mind to plot out such a heinous act as alleged. But perhaps PPP and the ability to plan aren’t mutually exclusive. What a tragic nightmare.

  4. This crime begs for a nuanced assessment but it goes against our punitive obsessed justice system

  5. The Watts case begged for the same, but it didn't happen. Why should it for her?

  6. I feel like you can buy a speed queen and have it for life but those top loaders beat the shit out of your clothes and bedding.

  7. It boggles my Kiwi mind that you guys haven’t elected Bernie Sanders, who just wants to fix your shit up for you. Oh here’s a global pandemic, surely now they’ll elect someone who wants to solve healthcare. No? Just let a million people die? Ok, well shit

  8. As a nurse I get pushback from sick patients after explaining if they had access to healthcare earlier they wouldn’t be in some catastrophic situation but we’re so propagandized here everyone says it won’t work or they don’t want to pay for someone else healthcare blah blah blah

  9. Honest question: Can someone explain to me why in this day and age there isn't a full database of collected crime scene DNA that's being continuously run through genealogy databases to find new matches and link/solve cases?

  10. This is a policy choice not money related. Law enforcement/prosecutors dont appear by their actions anyways to take sexual assault seriously ~ in the US you can check your states reform at

  11. Your employer is exploiting you. Please set firm boundaries and if they push back find a position that doesn't. This isn’t acceptable treatment and is affecting your health.

  12. I believe the FBI tried to kill Judi Bari in California with a bomb over her activities saving the Redwoods…see doc of same name on Amazon prime

  13. This seems much more plausible..have we heard from any other protest witnesses? Someone must have video evidence but fear for their lives for all reasons discussed here.

  14. I worked at Mayo AZ and it felt quite literally like a cult. The nurses were all blinded by the fact they work at Mayo, and they would ignore all the 🚩. The only thing I miss is the ratio, other than that it always felt like I was walking on egg shells in every aspect. Also, Mayo Nurses make awful nurses everywhere else if that’s the only place they’ve worked.

  15. I had 2 separate interviews there and they were both the worst of my career ~

  16. Eastern Washington and N Idaho are both real beautiful in different ways if you don’t find what you want in the western part.

  17. Yea — the more I see about MJ the more I feel for the dude. Everyone around him was awkward AF. They tried to do these grand gestures (this one, the thing in the supermarket) and it just like wasn’t normal. Throw in folks taking advantage of his money on top of that. It sounds like a sad experience.

  18. I almost can sympathize bout then I remember James safechucks interview and you know Michael Jackson is a sexual predator

  19. Thanks for adopting a senior! Please consider a heating pad for him, I’ve found that accessory brings more joy to my pets than anything else 🤍

  20. Ooooh Missoula floods are my jam! I’ve driven all over the PNW paddle boarding in different locals just to look at the geological changes.

  21. The Coast Guard goes out there in boats smaller than that, but they're lunatics. Personally, I'd like something the size of an aircraft carrier.

  22. Their professionalism and compassion in this video are really moving!

  23. I gave my friends a custom made cutting board for Christmas since they entertain frequently. It’s been sitting on a shelf at every party and frankly that hurt my feelers.

  24. A lot of places I’ve worked at have broken vital machines or limited vital machines. So I’d recommend a portable wrist blood pressure cuff, a pulse oximeter and a non contact forehead thermometer

  25. Im so ashamed of American healthcare! CNAs buying their own equipment pisses me off but yeah its a good idea

  26. This lady has literally outnursed my 25 year career in less than 5 mins. She’s compassionate perfection

  27. Hokas for the support, keep your compression socks too. Try eBay since they can be expensive but always care for your feet

  28. Despite this horrific series of crimes and his eventual conviction, Tennessee has still not tested all their rape kits, and they don’t even know how many are outstanding.

  29. There's so much cool technology out there that could be used to safely disarm people in these sort of situations, but instead we're using exploding gunpowder projectiles from the 11th century.

  30. There’s a net system that you can deploy at somebody that tangles them up. Our police refused to use it, they want to shoot people..

  31. One of the senior members at our agency is refusing to train female members unless they go out with him. This has been happening for months, and every time it gets reported it's ignored by the chief officers.

  32. When you see how vast/remote the forests are. Lots o critters hiding out there

  33. The mother is also guilty. There is no way she doesn’t know.

  34. I know we know better now, but honestly, the first time should be the only time, get the fuck out especially when your kids are involved

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