1. Longsword. It’s designed to be used in two hands but can be used in one hand, and it served more or less the same role in Japan that longswords served in Europe. A lot of the techniques are pretty similar to longsword techniques too.

  2. And anyone who thinks brothers wouldn't act exactly like that are wrong.

  3. If it was possible to chop someone’s head off without killing him brothers would be decapitating each other all the time.

  4. Or it just makes you the biggest target in the room, and not only do they know you are a threat to them they know you have something valuable they might want to make off with. Just my opinion on open carry and why I keep mine concealed.

  5. That argument only works if open carry is rare. It’s rare now, but imagine if it wasn’t. Imagine not just one guy in the store open carrying, but dozens.

  6. The original All Quiet on the Western Front movie from 1930 is better. The new one is more graphic and has better effects, but the original does a way better job making you care about the characters.

  7. Ah okay. I always thought Craftworld armor was white.

  8. Either a safe or on the wall (I rotate which guns I display), but it doesn’t stay there all the time. If I’m not hunting with it I’m taking it to the range.

  9. Short for “Non-metallic metal”. It’s a paint style, in which you paint something to look like metal without, metallic paints.

  10. How does the US Civil War work? Theoretically, the CSA was American too?

  11. The CSA was, however briefly, a separate nation from the USA. They declared independence, had a functional (if somewhat incompetent) government, a flag, a military, national currency, etc.

  12. True. Perhaps I should have said “somehow even more incompetent than normal.”

  13. “Know enough about your enemy to insult and beat them, but not enough to join them. Page 215 of my primer Sir!”

  14. you cant look me in the face and tell me that if you saw that shit in the nerf gun aisle at target you wouldnt need it more than youve ever needed anything in your life

  15. I have fond memories of this thing. I never owned one but a friend did, and our Nerf battles were legendary.

  16. I've had surprising luck at thrift stores! Try the richer areas, rich people will throw out anything I swear

  17. Trust me, every time I go to a thrift store I always check. Haven’t found one yet that wasn’t broken beyond repair.



  20. Sounds like wut a grot would say to trick me into throwing da bootz in da trash, so they could have'em. Im gunna stikk ya with me choppa if you try dat again.

  21. “It’s no better than Orks” applies to all non-ork models. Green is best, you can’t be better than the best.

  22. but he can have sex with other men, making Jonathan gay

  23. Every so often, in the afterlife, Jonathan mutters the phrase “No Homo.” Nobody else understands what he’s talking about.

  24. Late last year. A friend was getting into 40K and kind of dragged me in with him. The other factions have some good lore and characters but none of them could make me laugh like the Orks. I’m currently in the process of painting my first 500pt army.

  25. This idea would make a lot more sense for something without a buffer tube, like an MCX or BRN-180. With the buffer tube you’re stuck with a length of pull orangutans would find uncomfortable.

  26. Yes the progressive trigger sucks to get used to, but the manual of arms and simplicity of the aug in my opinion makes it superior

  27. I’m not a fan of the trigger, safety, or magazine release. Otherwise the AUG feels like it was made for me, with the perfect length of pull and the perfect weight distribution, all while looking awesome. If I could get an AUG with a better trigger and AR-style safety it would be close to my dream gun.

  28. Unless it’s disruptive I don’t really care. If a player fudges a roll every once in a while but everyone’s having fun, why should it matter?

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