1. So, I normally don't recommend movies that I haven't watched yet, but I want to do a Christmas Movie binge as well.

  2. I watched these for the first time this year, but some aren't recent.

  3. Watching a movie right now! I started it as soon as I saw your message, actually.

  4. It's not like I want last comment or anything... baka

  5. I said The Emperor’s New Groove too. Such an awesome movie

  6. I know you said 90s or newer, but there were some I had just had to recommend that were before the 90s.

  7. Check out the search engine, you might find some you haven't watched yet.

  8. Tried not to give repeated suggestions (as I'm typing this)

  9. I suggest creating a letterboxd account. It's free to use. It's helpful to remember what you've watched, and you can find movie suggestions on it.

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