1. Let's hope it doesn't get cancelled and scrapped again

  2. Two different ways of saying "I could take 10 guys at once!"

  3. Regardless of what he has he is going to shit on units by being stupidly broken.

  4. Well yeah if you want to reflect the anime then for sure he is going to be stupid it's only a question of how stupidly busted is he actually going to be.

  5. I've played a shit ton of PvP today and no Hit to be seen yet, let's hope it stays that way.

  6. yeah but he drops and after 20mins mfs already got him at at least 9 stars 💀

  7. Yeah, and, like, Old Joseph in ASB uses it BETTER than in the anime, he could just rope people into it and shock them into submission with Overdrives.

  8. Whenever he actually uploads, he makes THE TF2 content

  9. It's a good thing they don't allow mic chat in this game or lag users would often hear me say "lag won't save you."

  10. I mean that is fair, hell beasthan has gotten old now due to new units

  11. Can't wait for the next Fusion UL to come out soon, cause this shit game likes variety as much as it likes its players.

  12. It's 2023. Do people really switch up their phone preferences nowadays? I've been on Android for going on 15 years now.

  13. He's pretty good. Shame he doesn't really post much TF2 stuff anymore.

  14. Bruciate le marche, lasciate la Sardegna come unica superstite

  15. Sarei pure disposto a sacrificare la Romagna, ma non potete sacrificare la capitale de mondo, DAJE ROMAAA

  16. **Freakin GODZILLA ?!**Holy shit, how does humans even gonna win those battle...

  17. You should walk around going, "Yeah, that shirt/book/computer is pretty great. But this is just a little grater."

  18. "I read books, this shirt fits me well. My computer works just fine. But this little thing I'm holding? It's a tiny grater, life changing. Is it useful? Yes. What for? Yes."

  19. I mean we never saw Jolyne’s ginormous gock in part 6 either, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there

  20. Fuck android/cell saga vegeta was so badass

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