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  1. No, they can't. It comes from the Fed. The Fed has a hard limit on the assets it actually has too, and if they lent more, the Fed would bleed faster.

  2. That's what I mean. The Fed's limit has been changed in the past, and could be changed in the future. The Fed itself can't "lose money" per se, and they have their own money printer.

  3. Well aware they're a private bank, but at the end of the day they do "create money" via buying treasuries. They don't pay for it in physical current printed by the mint, they just put ledger entries on their books.

  4. Nuclear spent fuel, if put into a breeder reactor, will provide about 20x as much fuel as it did when you ran it in the first reactor.

  5. That doesn't pass a basic "perpetual motion" sniff test. Once the fuel has gone through one round a being fed into a reactor, it comes out with lower energy.

  6. Total energy is reduced, but remember that reactors do not use total energy, they use the accessible energy.

  7. Fair enough. And once you've built these more specialized reactors, and broken down the waste products, what will the nuclear nations build their bombs out of? You can only mine so much nuclear material. You really think the major powers will do that, given the national security implications?

  8. Threats? It's just a meme gpt-3, chill

  9. Okay marshmallow, just make sure yo soft ass doesn't fold when the price hits 1000; as long as you hold to phone numbers, we good

  10. I'm in it to win it. No point in anything less than phone numbers and jail cells.

  11. They're not that difficult unless you're actually stupid. I think the anti-options rhetoric put us into this slump of sideways trading personally. No reason we couldn't have educated all apes on how to use options intelligently. Idiots like Warden Delete also made options look bad, when in reality it was his own stupid fault that he lost so much money.

  12. Even if you understand them, the majority of the time the market screws you on them. Everyone knows the price always drives towards max pain as friday approaches. Options game is very rigged, and very few people will ever win on them long term, because it's designed for most to lose.

  13. Follow up question. What would be the point of buying the option if you don't intend to exercise it? If I don't exercise the option does the counterparty make any money? Can I make money not exercising? I'd like to add I have zero intention of doing any option trading, just trying to understand these post a little more. And thank you apes for the replies and wrinkles!!!!!

  14. By my understanding (which is poor), as the price goes above the call's strike price, you can sell the option for more and more money, prior to end-of-day. So people could just "collect their winnings" on the calls, rather than exercise to buy shares.

  15. Regarding automation and job loss. We're in a different demographic country now. Boomers are in the middle of dying off, and the generations behind them are far smaller. We now need automation to take 20-30% of the jobs, just so the jobs get done.

  16. And yet, unemployment in the US is currently low... I guess boomers aren't dying off fast enough, even with Covid's help. (Please keep in mind that most boomers are already retired. That wave has already mostly crashed, and it's the poorest who are hanging on to jobs.)

  17. That doesn't make sense to me. If unemployment is > 25% then you want less automation, so people can take those jobs.

  18. I understand that the losses don't matter because the fed creates its own money. But wouldn't that cause inflation?

  19. I don't think this has any affect on inflation. Inflation is almost exclusively tied to the size of the money supply. If QE is happening, then money supply is going up = probably more inflation.

  20. If you've ever seen me dance you'd know I would be completely safe on Arrakis.

  21. Im not big enough to worry about it. I listened to that episode. Was really surprised that neither of them figured out what the issue is. Government is a racket. You are supposed to go to them for everything and the more ways people depend on government, the more money they can ask for and the less likely people will ask for less government. "No guns for you! Call the police instead" then when the police dont stop whatever happened or worse beat an unarmed person to death, you are less likely to demand police be fired or police reform. "You cant catch rain water!" so you have to rely on public utilities. It all about getting as many people as possible to "subscribe" to government services and making them as dependent as possible so they cant "unsubscribe".

  22. "Fractally wrong". When the shit hits the fan, and makes interesting patterns on the wall.

  23. Because all the extra covid and QE money is still sloshing around in the system.

  24. Can you use session sharing still via BLAST?, no where near as slick as screen control via existing TEAMs granted!

  25. Yes, as our helpdesk people do that. But the use-case we need it for needs to have the "Request Control" happen directly in Teams. So we keep installing newer versions of Teams, and crossing our fingers.

  26. Biggest problem with Teams Media Optimization is that we can't use it. There's still a bunch of features in Teams that break if you turn optimization on. Biggest one for us it people being unable to request control of someone's screen, while in a meeting.

  27. Someone should create a post how many heads step down so far from these agencies.

  28. Yeah no. They definitely were not testing a disaster recovery configuration at the start of a day, in the middle of the week. That's not a thing anyone does. Also, I refuse to believe that this happening on a Tuesday, T+2 from the expiration of a fukton of doomps, is a cooompllete coincidence.

  29. For the most part. PBS gets a little govt money, but is mostly donation funded, so they're a bit different.

  30. Possibly. Or maybe they didn't? I'm not sure which way he'd be going with this, but it seems fairly obvious to me, even without these recent top search results and the viral video, that turtlenecks was a reference to rolling swaps in one way or another.

  31. Turtleneck could also be a reference to a deal with Apple (Steve's famous for turtlenecks).

  32. Have you seen the West’s green, sustainable “Digital Revolution” looks like in Africa. Bill gates has a new copper mining project in Zambia. The 4th Industrial Revolution "utopia" we are being sold is to be built on the backs of people like this all over the Global South. There is nothing sustainable about this except that it does "sustain" neo-colonialism and predatory mining corporations into this new paradigm.

  33. Not sure what you mean by the "Green, sustainable Digital Revolution"? Those are all separate things, with their own different impacts on different regions of the world.

  34. Apple profit margins would be non existent if not for offshore slave labor, hope they don't partner.

  35. Apple is already in the process of bringing some amount of their manufacturing back to the US, and other locales outside China...

  36. Not 100% sure, but if I had to guess, we’ll have our tendies in about two weeks time, no more then a month. This isn’t the crime machine failing, this is the stock market about to implode. Bye bye collateral for margin traders.

  37. I doubt it. This was big players flaunting the fact that they can do anything they want to rig the game. Who knows how much time they bought themselves with yesterday's shenanigans?

  38. Respectfully, I disagree, but ultimately neither one of us knows the answer.

  39. Jesus Christ it looks like the United States stock market really is a massive Ponzi scheme.

  40. Retail did not suddenly pull out of the market, all coincidentally on the same day. As always, these moves had to be one, or multiple, mega-whales making big moves.

  41. Oh no I completely agree with you I'm just saying that retail was a huge part of their Ponzi scheme by us dumping our money into the markets. Now we're direct registering our shares or people aren't even putting money in the dtcc ponzi anymore. It's either because people see the downward bear trend we are on and are waiting, or they are waking up and noticing the fraud and bullshit within the markets and deciding not to participate in this joke fest anymore

  42. We'll see. DRS is only "a thing" among a super-small minority of the retail market. So far I've not seen any evidence of exodus from the market by retail either.

  43. How am I supposed to deal with my puritan obsession with punishment if they keep doing things that improve society.

  44. Hedge fund managers who make millions telling multi billion dollar corporations to pay their workers less and lay them off? You are right that’s how capitalism works. But frankly I’m sick of it

  45. I'm with you, but as long as the majority of the population has individual greed as their guiding force, no other system works at all.

  46. I imagine the truly super wealthy have both ridiculous amounts of cash as well as assets

  47. Compared to the poor's yeah. But they would also be loathe to keep much in cash during this kind of period of high inflation. They reeeaaally hate their money being set on fire. The poors do to, but we don't have as many options to prevent it as them.

  48. Wait, wasn’t it Sex for dummies tweet from RC?

  49. Yes, this is more like I imagined the sign that we've entered the endgame.

  50. But Shitadel is the MM for GME and I don't see GME on there.

  51. My bet is that all this fookry is an attempt to get more collateral value to offset their short positions, now that the DOOMP expirations have hit T+2. But I'm fully regarded, so.... *shrug*?

  52. So, point of order: options that expire out of the money don't really have a T+anything. They just expire worthless. To replace them, you could just spend more cash to buy more ootm options to keep a similar position. Now, a whole lot of exercising options could be relevant, but they'd need to be in the money. The seller of options should initially cover their contract, but if they expire worthless, and they never covered them, there's no reason to cover them post-expiry. However, all this is presuming the option-buyer doesn't just sell the options (no shares trading hands, just the right to buy/sell), as opposed to sell-to-cover.

  53. You're correct. But given that the options were likely being used as collateral of one sort or another, it's possible all this morning's halting shenanigans were tied to those doomps.

  54. WTF. Stop losses sold my shares way below market value. Is there anything I can do to reverse the trades or am I screwed out of all my gains??

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