1. Great work. Keep clean me brothe, best wishes and god bless

  2. Neeeeeoooooooooowwwww I hope I’m not the only one making sounds irl when reading these LOL

  3. Nah nah nah, hybrid f1 cars go weooooooooorrrrw Old cars are neeeeeeeeeeoooow

  4. Ticket worst case, warning best case. if you whipped that bitch out then shot lol

  5. Do you know how expensive that kind of ticket could be?

  6. Depends largely on state, but for NY it’s like a $300 fine and if you’re naughty, court summons and 15 days in jail. Generally it’s not criminal however and just a violation

  7. Bro your shit sounds haunted, burn some incense candles, or go chat to a doctor or priest if you’re worried

  8. Cod bo2. The public lobbies made me the man I am today lol

  9. Why are there 3 different skin tones lol, and why is one outrageously sweaty lmao

  10. More importantly, why are you asking the obvious questions

  11. Good to start with a basis of confusion lol

  12. Uhhhhh, I’m weirded out so I’d like to spend this time to talk to you about your cars extended warranty

  13. 100% agree. Happens a lot and is unbelievably annoying when you don’t know where you’re sitting on marks at all. Some conveyors are genuinely overly busy so it’s not entirely their fault. But I understand your frustration.

  14. What an incredible machine, regardless of its downsides, with further innovation it could have been a beast in modern times. R I P

  15. You might wanna take notes, you could learn something and then not be such an ignorant ass.

  16. Lol what? I made a grammar mistake and that makes me an ass? Go be a high horse douchebag elsewhere you bitch

  17. It is indeed dangerous bc the fee covers insurance, but you definitely didn’t get scammed, you payed the normal fee, and he got a little extra than normal, essentially a weird taxi ride lol. Probably not the first time that the driver has done this though

  18. Yeah, how else do you think crossbreeds happen?

  19. Beside yesterday cutting someone off and all of that drama, I'm feeling alright and just excited to get the mouse today so I could play Minecraft on my laptop again haha

  20. Eh shit happens, drama happens. good to hear you’re doing alright, getting into some Mc sounds fun too. Keep being a G fam

  21. Awesome. Really smart and creative. Great work!

  22. Ummmm, if they’re a cool person then I think of them like any other cool person but that’s just me. Anyone can be cruel but not everyone will be

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