1. Yes, the second you created another account violated any trust that your relationship had and you ended it. He would have broken up with you if he wasn’t cheating/willing to cheat and you still did that.

  2. A few little things will make us feel more comfortable around you

  3. It would be wrong to be mad after the first time it happens. It might have not been your friends idea to change plans but the SO wanted to, could be a million things, if it constantly happens then you can get mad lol

  4. Eh, you are overthinking it. Next time you see her in person ask what’s she’s doing after work or whatever, get a date going. And if she doesn’t want to then you have closure. Good luck dawg lol

  5. “Florida woman jumps into bush, never seen again”

  6. Yeah you get used to it eventually, I’m not entirely sure what exactly turns on & off on start stop. I would assume it’s just more wear on spark plugs then normally. Petrol do b expensive doe.

  7. It’s just whenever you’re ready to get another pet, nothing will ever replace that specific relationship you had, but you can always make a new relationship :) I don’t think your old pet will mind, they probably wouldn’t want you feeling lonely in their absence.

  8. Yeah it’s bad, shorts in general (not just tiktok) are also rubbish, for the most part. A couple actually really bad things about it are: Owned by a Chinese company (obv state has control over these, can ask for access to the data etc) It is extremely bad for our already short attention spans.

  9. Bruh, step with extreme caution. In what acts do people like being chocked, handcuffed, and have their hair pulled??? Ask her for clarification over FaceTime/phone call next time you speak with her and pay very, very close attention to how she answers.

  10. Depends on what you mean by kids, if you mean teens, my guess is self image stuff from social media influence

  11. Two things are important here, Age difference? Location difference?

  12. Aight, checks out. Yeh get her socials and see where it goes, don’t overthink it. Monke likes cool monke. Be the cool monke

  13. Aight well my 2 cents is that you need to focus on how to improve on your experience for your career if that’s what is important to you. Then your time will just be spent on those things instead.

  14. Looken clean, btw I reckon guanyu zhou is a mad driver with huge potential ngl

  15. He's pretty solid but this is VB's car haha.

  16. Damn, oh well if it actually happens then you can be somewhat prepared for it lol. Don’t focus on what ifs, focus on what is - spooderman

  17. Extreme way to put it, but essentially 100% right. Know of some cases where the person actually did kill themselves, but usually uncommon. Actually doing it is an extremely selfish and spite-based act in these cases.

  18. Yep I can agree with that, what I’m saying is that you can still be there for them without pouring 100% of your heart into it. Some people just need a friend and don’t know how to actually keep one

  19. Just tell them that you prefer FaceTiming at certain times of the week and that they won’t be able to properly reach you outside those times, but they should know this and probably just want to talk to you like old times, if the convos are getting drier, that’s normal, just try exploring new things to talk about.

  20. Probs mostly power, and because he thinks that fixing a lot of the US’s issues can be done in one presidency, like a lot of people. But ultimately thats a question only Kanye will know the answer to LOL.

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