1. Antifa isn’t an organization and it just means anti fascist.

  2. Seriously. These Antifa pussies need to get jobs and stop pretending they are fighting for anything other than the right to sit on their asses and freeload off the rest of society.

  3. Well for starters they could find out what the white things are made from. The second step would be to give at least a wild guess why they form.

  4. These are embalmers they’re talking to, not medical doctors with grants and lab space to perform research. On top of that, I’d assume the “medical field” has met their inquiries with formal resistance. Getting the information out there in its current state may have been a bigger priority than waiting on results to release the movie.

  5. There’s been no evidence presented to indicate children are being molested. None.

  6. Just for context, you would have been the one saying “Listen to the Authorities!” In the 1980’s if there was a Reddit thread about it back then. You would have called those suggesting that the authorities implanted false memories, get this, Conspiracy Theorists! I don’t see how you can use that as an example when you’re here just chalking these modern day hints up to marketing strategy.

  7. There’s a thing called “critical thinking skills”.

  8. I honestly can’t tell if you’re being intentionally ironic or not at this point. You win?

  9. Ahhh another person in a “conspiracy” sub that supports corrupt politicians 👍

  10. Well, she said what she said, no matter who reports it.

  11. Much easier to sling shit at the source than address the content of the report. This isn’t a new tactic, unfortunately.

  12. Nah I’m with him. I will cancel spectrum but probably still get sucked into watching the postseason.

  13. Nope. Will stop watching and attending games until he's gone. Been a fan since the 90s, those were some rough years. I can handle sucktacular teams that struggle to compete, but I will not stand for that gutter trash. I can find an A.L. team to support for a few years while that asshole is in L.A.

  14. I’m with you, and it’s the Rangers. It’d be fun to root for Seager and an underdog, if necessary.

  15. Bullshit. If you’re here, then your an addict just like the rest of us. We’re all lifers and you know it.

  16. In most circumstances you’re correct, but they will not get a single dollar from me if/while he’s on the team.

  17. Im sure you’ll end up buying a ticket to the game.. and I’m pretty sure if we win a title you’ll buy something.. sooo yeah false.

  18. Not everybody has a complete lack of self control, speculate all you want. I did it when Spectrum was the ONLY way to watch a game, I’ll do it again with Correa.

  19. The guy that stutters and misspeaks stuttered and misspoke. How many more times is this stuff going to be posted on a conspiracy subreddit when it’s clearly not, it’s embarassing

  20. Normalizing cognitive decline with “misspoke and stuttered”, you’re delusional. The conspiracy is that nobody in the media will say that the man is clearly unfit for his role.

  21. Lol. This is almost asinine. No, removing guaranteed protections of a right is not becoming less authoritarian. You already have to be twisted into a pretzel to even start thinking that.

  22. It’s not a right protected by the constitution. Putting “right” in italics doesn’t make it so

  23. I looked you up and as suspected you’re a soft cock simp with a girlfriend that did porn and has somebody else’s kid. Welcome to the internet.

  24. Your homework proves why you don’t know wtf is going on in the world. Typical right wing simp.

  25. Based on your other shit posts, here’s a trusted source for you

  26. Steve Jobs can hear your thoughts when you have AirPods in

  27. Why bother rolling the shirt up if they’re just going to pretend to inject through it?

  28. It was 2 AM. Lots of people sleep in their underwear. Now, if the dude breaking in was in just underwear, then we have a sign that the attacker needs mental health attention. But an old man in his underwear in his own house at night? That’s not suspicious, that’s just him being an old man.

  29. You’re fucking pathetic. I’d say you’re just a shitty troll at best, but I’m starting to think you really are so fucking dumb that you think you’re doing something virtuous by defending these scumbags and acting like you know something the rest of us don’t. You aren’t smart, you are sad. Go live under a rock someplace.

  30. Looked into your Reddit account. It’s apparent what’s going on here. ✌️

  31. Sure, as soon as you tell me how the demographics of the area leaning one way or another politically stacks up against the facts of the case:

  32. You’re in such a rush to be right you’re making shit up to fit the story the way you want it to play out. Look, other people have other ideas about what happened. Interesting how the cops got involved isn’t it?

  33. Yeah, I heard there’s a new Maga store on Polk street.

  34. His showers are inappropriate and with his kids, so you should be good there regardless.

  35. Thank god y’all believe this 😂 yes yes, no where to be found , move along ppl

  36. Dude really thinks it’s more likely to be in a mass shooting than see cartel activity? Yikes. To answer the question the corporate media in the USA doesn’t talk much about the cartel problem.

  37. Since you want to call out my shit, I’ve actually seen 2 separate incidents of Panga boats being abandoned on the beach in Malibu, and one that got smashed on the rocks and spilt bails of weed overnight.

  38. I’m usually pretty nice, but Whoopie deserves it :

  39. Ironically, Whoopi defended his actions and actually helped him write the jokes. Guess she still had a sense of humor back then.

  40. Does anybody even remember WHY Whoopi is famous? Or the fact that she openly defended Ted Danson for wearing blackface in the 90’s.

  41. CDC says that VAERS is the place to record vaccine issues. CDC says VAERS is unreliable. You think posting these makes you look smart, or what?

  42. Clearly fake news, a round of golf should take 4 hours.

  43. You say that like you don’t still have Matt Stairs hitting a bomb to right engrained in the back of your eyelids still. Some of us still do.

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