LPT: Waving someone through a stop sign when they stopped after you is not doing anybody a favour and most competent drivers are just annoyed at you for behaving unpredictably

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  1. Does your ignorant ass self have the first goddamn clue what this subreddit is about?

  2. Does your ignorant ass self have the first goddamn clue what this subreddit is about?

  3. Oh, you'd be surprised. People will begin turning and then be like "aight nvm, I'm going straight after all". This is especially true when you're trying to leave a parking lot or making a left on a green orb.

  4. Make pretend it’s dave & buster’s with kids and their parents running around

  5. I really hope you told him about this video. Then he gets to have his original AND laugh about it.

  6. You've commented as though OP took THIS video. It's a repost, so that's very unlikely. Its source doesn't seem original either.

  7. Lol, I'm just commenting on the video. I don't care whos posting it

  8. Then why use direct pronouns? Saying, "I hope THEY did xyz" (instead of "I hope you did xyz"), makes a lot more sense.

  9. She didn't post this and will never see your sad little comment. Did you even look at what subreddit you're reading?

  10. Woah, the hostility. Someone has tiny peepee energy.💀

  11. Right? All my Western parents gave me in exchange for a lifetime of anxiety and chronic emptiness was a catechism.

  12. Prayers for her and her family. That was hard to watch.

  13. Uh, no? I'm mentioning a scientific fact that references legitimate, peer reviewed research from multiple studies across multiple demographics on multiple continents.

  14. I hope his shoulder is fucked. People that tear others peoples stuff up for views are so fucking stupid.

  15. I hope your hands are fucked. People that suck at grammar are so fucking stupid. /s

  16. Too bad neither OP nor the gif creator can spell worth a damn. Shit is literally a boner killer.

  17. Why do you use the word pharmacist, if you wanted to call it a chemist joke in the British usage? Also, pharmacist is quite bit away from a chemistry chemist.

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