1. Can y’all just not wait patiently and be surprised when it drops?

  2. Thank you! One of my worst but best impulsive purchases

  3. Do you bought any of the new shirts? them seems oversized, wanted to see someone wearing

  4. I did not, I mostly wear hoodies so that was the first thing I went for

  5. Foams? What are those? Nah I’m waiting for Spring, the amount of snow we have my feet would be soaked just from getting into my car

  6. The Dior monogram in the swoosh is really off

  7. Still need to buy a pair but I know for a fact I’ma end up babying the shit out of them

  8. I’ve figured that much out lol, but it cost me $30

  9. need more pics to confirm if real...but if it is, thats a nice piece from the good old days before hysteria.

  10. I think it might be fake, there’s no real branding on. It

  11. I know that, I was just asking for the quality of them

  12. I wanna hate you for this but it looks really good

  13. Sigh opens up YouTube and goes dans mod reviews

  14. The only reason I didn’t buy those is because it’s not official merch. Justin posted on his story that H&M made those without his permission

  15. Do you have an article about this? I heard about it but I thought it was for different pieces, I’ve never seen these before

  16. H&M Removes Justin Bieber Merch After Singer Says He Didn't 'Approve'

  17. Name checks out, but fr I used only collect vans, kinda like Pokémon. Gotta catch ‘em all

  18. Had my Zyons for almost 2 years now, daily driver for one summer, and now is my work shoe, has held up amazing

  19. Awesome, Even with heel drag because of the thick back theres still a good amount of otusole protecting that boost from reaching through?

  20. I haven’t had any heel drag tbh, the sole is like new except the yellowing

  21. But you really gotta wonder about people still going out and buying them. I have like a dozen pairs and I'm gonna just put em in a box in my attic.

  22. Sorry I got excited when I saw your shoes…but fr it’s supposed to look like that

  23. It looks like someone tried cleaning the suede with water and a brush, cause the suede is discolored and fried in a lot of spots

  24. Aren’t these the slides that Steve Jobs wore?

  25. Any recommendations on which models I bought these but idk if they suit em. They arrived but I'm waiting in the cinders and I'm ynsre of how I think about em.

  26. Sesames do have a super faint SPLY on them, it really depends on the angle and how the light hits them

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