1. Since 2010, I have been upgrading about every 4 years. I do it mainly to keep up to date on firmware and support. Although I did have one linksys router needing replaced after 2 years, but I suspect there was a power surge or some type of electronics failure that suddenly started.degrading performance. My most recent upgrade from a Asus WiFi 5 to Asus WiFi 6 router was a 3.5 year span. I spent the most money ever on this most recent upgrade so that I.could get better range coverage outside my house on the deck and the garage.

  2. I wish! Dark Souls 2 had the bonnie aescitics to revive bosses. Then they never offered it again.

  3. I have the Ax82U and it works great. It also has gaming features too. I think Asus likes to make a bunch of marketing hype with those GS routers.

  4. That would be so awesome on NG plus to have an option to disable reappear ing enemies! It would make it fun to try to 100% kill all enemies in the world

  5. Split difference and go with the Asus RT-AX82U. It is a price in between the two and it has gaming features. I have this router and love it and I'm in a 3000 sqft house, 2 floors. Router in the basement.

  6. You could use MOCA as your ethernet back haul for a mesh network system. Put the moca in the room with your gaming PC and have a mesh node in that room. If you get a mesh node with at least 2 ethernet outlets, one for the backhaul to the moca and the other to connect a Cat6 ethernet cable to the gaming pc. You other 2 gaming PCs will connect with WiFi

  7. Not gonna lie, I have no clue on what mesh node or ethernet back haul means. I'm guessing you're talking about like using the mesh units as a way to get ethernet but not really ethernet? Like just simply connecting one of the units with a ethernet cable and back to the pc.

  8. Yes this home networking stuff can get confusing. I suggest you buy the Eero mesh system. It is easy to install and just works.

  9. We don't know your budget, but I can tell you my story. I built a new house 6 years ago and fortunately my builder subcontracted a professional home network specialist. He was somewhat helpful, but we had a budget and wanted to stay within $750 for the wiring. I got 8 ports installed in the rooms where each port has one coax and one cat 5e cable jack. They did an awesome job installing and capping the cables and.labeling everything that went to a central location in my storage room. I regret not increasing my budget and having them install a port in the garage and an outdoor port on my deck for future backyard upgrades. That would have been $200 more. I was already 10 grand over my budget so we were stretched. Oh well.

  10. Never heard of RockSpace. I see it is a WiFi 5 router. If you want a cheap Chinese router, then you should get TPLink AX1800 WiFi 6 router. There are lots of good reviews and lots of people use TPLink products.

  11. Wild Turkey was cheap back in the late 1980s in college. We drank this and cheap McCormick and Phillips vodka. I also used to laugh when Pabst beer became popular with hipsters.... A cheap beer in the eighties.

  12. It was great because Rian Johnson wrote and.directed it, just like the first movie

  13. A job is not worth losing the love of your life. You have described a boyfriend that you deeply love and keep in mind that your chances of finding someone like him (or some other man without baggage) are slim as you get older. Go back to him now.

  14. Recently I started having anxiety attacks while sleeping. One thing I started was meditation. Find a guided meditation on YouTube and start that when you lay on your pillow. I'm also taking Melatonin.

  15. I had the same situation long ago when I was in college. My 1st GF of 14 months broke up with me when she was age 21. She wanted to "find herself" and have other experiences in college. Your GF might come back soon, or years later she may not find anyone that loves you like her and have serious regrets. Your GF might come back soon, or maybe years later when she is more mature, you will get her back.

  16. I'm sorry for your loss. You did not say the age of your ex, but if she was young, then a similar thing happened to me back in college. Back then, my GF (21) broke up because she wanted a fling with some guy. Let us know her age.

  17. We’re both 18 and we just started college a month ago. She joined a dance team and left me for a guy on the team.

  18. That hurts, I know. My college experience with women under age 24 (and the experiences of most all of my college friends from long ago) is that young men and women are flaky and don't know what they want. It was hard on all of us to keep committed LTRs during that time. Your ex-GF might come back later, or will have some experiences that cause her to create more valuable memories of the relationship that you two had.

  19. Your ex GF is toying with your heart and emotions and is playing games. I would expect this type of behavior from men/women who are 23 or younger. But a 29 year old is playing these games with you? It is so immature, or else she was trying to meet a guy back home in Canada and she was not honest with you. Try to do some spying and see if another prospect of a guy was involved here.

  20. Was it a big deal to you that she left you for other men?

  21. Here are some more details: It was one of those regretful breakups. My 1st GF regretted breaking up with me after 2 weeks and then would write me or call for the next 3 months. She never found another boyfriend in that 2 weeks, it was more of her wanting to party with her single friends and hookup with someone, you know the typical "finding herself again" story. On 3 months post breakup, I agreed to see her in person one last time and get closure. She begged me, but I stood my ground and said that she missed her chance, because I was committed, but she broke it up. I still though she was immature, even at 21 years old! She had these silly friends in college and peer pressure and it was just so stupid and immature and I could see thru all of it. Then that started the 2.5 years of no-contact with her. The other men part did not bother me because she broke up with me and was up-front and honest about all of it before partying again.

  22. Understood and made a lot of sense. I was just comparing the situation with my own.

  23. Thanks. I'm sorry for your breakup, and no matter what it hurts. Both my breakups in college hurt bad and I couldn't avoid it. Take care.

  24. Hey OP, how old is your ex and how old are you? If she is younger than 24, then girls seems to always breakup with their BF (unless they are Mormon or homeschooled). When I was in college, my 1st GF (21) broke up with me, and regretted it 3 months later, but I held firm and stayed broken up. My 2nd GF (22) when she broke up with me was flaky too.

  25. Exactly, I tried confronting her, She wouldn't even acknowledge that she hurt me, She argued..

  26. You said it, her first response was to argue. That is a bad sign. You must breakup with her. When couples respect each other, they will not become defensive over issues such as this.

  27. You are acting kinda like a drama queen. It is not disrespectful. He misses you and I know he does because you are in his dreams. I had these same types of dreams with my exes and I respected them.

  28. You made a good decision breaking up with her. Any significant other should not get defensive about chatting and spending time on social media with the opposite sex. Eventually, she would have started sexting with one of those guys, and then possibly went for a physical hookup.

  29. In both of my breakups from my girlfriends, I was dumped. It was the dumper (GFs) that reached out first. I recall it was about 2 weeks.

  30. My advice is to not remain friends. Suggest no contact. You still love her too much and you can't put up with hearing her dating stories. It is not good. Move on. Maybe in a year or a few years from now, you two will re-connect and she will appreciate you and realize she wants a committed relationship with you again

  31. I would love to do that. I would love to be able to just drop it and move on and maybe find each other some day, but this breakup hit me so differently. Like I can’t accept the idea she’s gonna be sleeping with other guys and then maybe try and reconnect one day because it just struck me so hard. I learned to hate hook-up culture, when I was fine with it before her to an extent.

  32. I understand about not accepting she will be sleeping with other guys. You don't have to put up with in if she wants to reconnect nor accept it. It is your choice.

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