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  2. I know they have been backed up quite a bit lately and haven't answered emails or phone calls. After sending a few emails over the course of 2 months, I sent a final one saying that I'd have to dispute the charge if I didn't hear back, got a response that same day.

  3. If they cut it, they're left with a useless lock without a key after.

  4. I guess decoding and cutting a new key is more expensive?

  5. Whole different job, would require something like a Lishi decoder specific to the model of lock.

  6. Bit of a weird question but would it be against the rules for me to pick locks in things like doors as long as the door isn't in use?

  7. If you read Rule 2 fully, the final sentence should be pretty clear on that "Rule of thumb, lock is "in use" if installed."

  8. Thats what I wasn't sure about, like how installed is installed?

  9. If you can show the door laying on a table, that would be fine. Ideally, you'd remove the lock.

  10. thanks again for this video - alas i fear with this lock i am still misinterpreting perhaps what a 'jiggle' is - or for that matter with this lock what a click is - as it seems any touch on these pins up seems to get the "a little click"


  12. just to say thanks again for this Principle Approach Video - cracked the paclock today - on the point of letting go of the attempts for awhile -

  13. I don't have a driver's licence, and these days I mostly see key fobs, but I'll pay more attention. Thanks for the tip.

  14. A lot of car locks are wafer locks, they often interact with a track on the key via a nub that is similar to how a slider would interact with the key.

  15. My point is, the stats shouldn't be adjusted when someone moves up a rank. If I earn a belt, and then earn another, I didn't NOT earn the first one, so the stats shouldn't go back down as if I hadn't. That's like saying any awards an student gets in a grade, shouldn't be accounted for once they move to the next grade.

  16. Since Reddit only allows you to have one piece of flair at any given time, you can simply think of this listing showing the highest belt a member has attained.

  17. Starting out with bobby pins is starting the hobby on "hard mode". It's like trying to carve a wooden sculpture, but instead of a knife and proper woodworking tools you decide to use some sharp stones you found on the ground instead.

  18. We advocate against them? I hadn't heard this before...whatever makes the hobby fun! I use them for YouTube so the viewer can get a better listen, other than that they're too much of a bother and don't add anything for me unless I'm picking a magnetic lock where audio is key. I primarily "hear" through my hands.

  19. Can you describe what that would look like? If not using a self impressioning pick, I use something to tension with and then just anything I can poke with (broken pick would work well, but I use a precision screwdriver often).

  20. The rules don't disallow anything of the sort, they just don't allow talking about it here.

  21. Gerda has a load of different lock models, so you'd have to be more specific. We have two different models currently ranked on the belt ranking page.

  22. Have the camera on a tripod that is not attached to the desk, I notice the view shaking quite a bit as you move around.

  23. Why is the top decked off at the sheer line? Seems like that would make for a much more open sheer line.

  24. Is the case in some locks, and yes, it makes the shearline wider (more jiggle when doing the jiggle test too)

  25. Hello, I'm new to lock picking and have a starter set coming in next week. Any pointers or advice would be appreciated. I've got ADHD and find myself losing interest in things quickly and I've always thought about doing this but never took that step. It interests me enough that I thing I'd like to make a career out of it but there isn't anyone I know personally that does anything like this. Thanks in advance.

  26. Suggest creating a new thread so people will see it, this is a thread on belt stats and people who have already seen this thread probably won't revisit and see your question.

  27. Just discovered your channel recently. And it’s the best sub I’ve made in recent memory. A well spring of information and inspiration. Thanks for the content!!!

  28. Thank you for subbing! I've been slow to make videos this month, but more are coming

  29. Since you're in Germany, you should probably consider Multipick

  30. I thought of that, too but I haven't found satisfactory results, I couldn't even find whole kits on their website, either because I'm blind or because their website is hard to navigate :D


  32. Your post has been removed for not adhering to the rules of the sub. Rule 2. Picking locks in use or locks not owned by you is against the rules. Locks that are installed in any way can be considered "in use" regardless of ownership.

  33. Your post has been removed for not adhering to the rules of the sub. Rule 2. Picking locks in use or locks not owned by you is against the rules. Locks that are installed in any way can be considered "in use" regardless of ownership.

  34. The doors in the US are a joke especially compared to places like Europe and Asia

  35. What is this mounted in? Perhaps something inside the mount is blocking the rotation of the actuator?

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