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  1. Yes I'm doing wonderful thank you so much for asking and how are you

  2. Well some of my clients have done this and it worked out very well,

  3. I think this was a massive step keep up to good work!🦋

  4. If you feel that you tore some lingermans and so on then there is therapy for that I will try there be 1st

  5. I am not a medical doctor always go with your doctors and yourself opinion 1st

  6. Ok. Im just trying to avoid it myself . I think I tore something tho

  7. I believe that we have doctors and surgeons I believe higher powers put healing energy into their hands to help when we're in need of help need help I wouldn't shy away from the surgery but I would definitely find the best surgeon if needed to replace the kneecap

  8. Hello in many blessings how can I help you what are you your questions🦋🙏

  9. Hello! Thanks for your help 😊 My questions are: -what is my life purpose right now as in what should I do with my life to be of service ? I lost my way and don’t know where to go and what to do next. What is expected of me? Thanks 🙏🏼

  10. Are you needing an energy cleansing or a psychic medium reading?

  11. Psychic medium I have a specific person I want to connect with

  12. You PM me for your free session 🦋💕

  13. I’m sorry your getting so much negative energy directed towards you. I see you and think your doing a wonderful thing. Thank you for this

  14. Thank you for understanding I was just trying to give back positive energy I do believe in karma never wanted to make anyone upset🦋🌸🦋🌸🙏

  15. I really don't understand I am not bad not bothering anyone but if everyone wants me to leave I will I don't want to be where I'm not wanted and it looks like that's the case.. Sorry if I made so many people upset

  16. I feel sometimes that this spirits are loved ones that is past are trying to tell us something, Also sometimes they're worried about us, I did find in my experience personal experience that lighting a white candle everyday 1st thing in the morning for 6 weeks helps Both you and them to move forward

  17. Good morning, sending you positive energies🦋

  18. Sounds like a AliExpress description to me

  19. Hello, I am offering a free mini reading session, I will love to answer your questions,

  20. How is this gonna be set up? Maybe over discord ?

  21. You can send a pic of your hands and your first name if that works for you

  22. Thank you, it sounds like a nice offer. How are the sessions set up though and is this just available for today?

  23. It is definitely available today And what I would need is your 1st name and what year you were born

  24. Hello and many blessings I'm sorry for the late response are you available

  25. Yes, Unfortunately it's very complicated and it will be a while just be patient, She's got to figure out the things her way.

  26. will Shrimp and Shrimpina get back together?

  27. That is a very very hard maybe lol

  28. I’m definitely interested in one and desperately need one 😂 :)

  29. Hello, I am available for your free mini reading

  30. I will take a sample reading. If it isnt too much trouble

  31. What is your 1st name and your question🌻🦋

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