1. You can see chubb stop and stare at him. Can only imagine what was going through chubbs head probably, “………”

  2. I haven’t used wireless CarPlay since 2019ish but when I did, I was less than impressed. At that time, my music kept cutting in and out; not incessantly but enough to be noticeable and annoying.

  3. Honestly not trying to hate on Bake, but there was a tweet in this sub a few weeks back saying the difference between this and last year was jacoby hits open guys, doesn’t panic and doesn’t make mistakes…and it’s spot on

  4. Something along the lines of, both guys can win you a game but jacoby won’t cost you the game

  5. I hope they lace up before every game and don’t notice until it’s too late that one of their wife’s hairs is stuck between their toes.

  6. Could see nick playing in tripods for a bit while faze gets apex comp team sorted.

  7. This is simultaneously hilarious but also sad Lamar needed to comment that that guy saying I hope we give him a 10 year, half BILLION $ contract means you don't love Lamar. These guys are so entitled it's insane.

  8. I wouldn’t call it entitlement so much as asking your fair share for what the market and economy demands in your field. It’s the same message as when you or I demand competitive pay against our peers. Jus t more money

  9. Fully guaranteed contract on a running QB is madness. He's gonna get hurt and used up. Watson style contracts may be the new norm, but if Bmore pays Jackson 230 guaranteed he's fleecing them because there is no way he lasts long enough to play it out.

  10. Madness for who? The organization, probably but from Jackson’s perspective it makes the most sense. Your play style and the offensive scheme is tailored for you to risk your body every single down. The writing is on the wall so why not squeeze everything you can out of the league.

  11. Didn’t he already fuck us up? Isn’t that why we’re here?

  12. Tier 4? That’s just a comically bad take. Let this be Chubbs year. Dude moves in silence and is about action not words. You don’t want to give people like him more motivation.

  13. I won’t queue pubs when it’s WE in rotation and I’m playing solo.

  14. Sending lots of positive energy your way! Continue on that path guided by love an happiness. Cheers to you both and your life together!

  15. bro just write your argument and stop this "i m so old and wise" bullshit, sometimes redditors are so cringe. doing well in competitive is the best thing an apex pro can do for their streaming career, yall are overestimating the impact playing with nick would have. also gent is a top tier talent that can get into any t1 org and have a good salary which is better for a grown men with responsibilities than to gamble on the potential increase in nick viewers

  16. creating a relationship with Nick also opens opportunities outside of apex. lets not get tunnel vision with how this is as a competitive move. yes, they may not be the top performers in comp but they will provide content and bring great exposure to apex comp.

  17. a lot of people are saying Gent but that would be such a waste for a player of that caliber. would he throw away the chance of playing LAN to play with nick?

  18. would take his stream to new levels playing with nick. opens a lot of doors.

  19. Where is the “Assault” tweet from Adam Schefter?

  20. Where are all the "KICK HIM OUT OF THE LEAGUE!" "MURDER!" "ASSAULT" "ARREST HIM!" people?

  21. For what it's worth. This has gained some traction on social media and is the number 1 trending topic on twitter at the moment.

  22. It’s hard to loot a POI when you drop and it’s far from ring. You gotta move almost immediately with little to no heals and hope you don’t get caught in storm. Teams are camping edge more just picking off others and third parties are intense.

  23. Been a lot of rumbling today. Ken Carman on his show this morning was asking viewers if we would like to have Jimmy G on the team. His co-host couldn't give an answer, they went off mic, discussed and he came back and said yes.

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