1. The way Freddy stands in this picture is literally the most thug-gangster ass-shit like holy hell it’s so badass

  2. I’m so happy for golden freddy, he was able to put his bad memories of breaking up with his ex gf behind him and now he can live anew.

  3. Technically every kid and nay, every human is/was a crying child

  4. These kinds of photos have made me get a head cannon that Freddy (the character not like the psychical robot with soul in him and stuff) his backstory is that before he got into the pizza business he had literally almost any job imaginable, like being deployed into war or climbing Mount Everest

  5. Maybe if I train really hard.. and win tournaments with Kazuya.. Dad will finally come back

  6. You have until 6AM before the animatronics reach the room

  7. おいおい、それはほとんど任天堂が日本の会社で、シリーズ全体の作成者が日本に住んでいて、すべての開発が日本で行われ、アメリカにあるときは翻訳されているようなものです。

  8. There's 104 days of summer vacation,is that how many songs there will be?

  9. Ahem… where’s Sussus Moogus, Sabotage, Meltdown, Sussus Toogus, Lights Down, Reactor, Ejected, Mando, D’Low, Oversight, Danger, Double Kill, Defeat, Sussy Bussy, Rivals, Chewmate, Christmas, Spookpostor, Ashes, Magmatic, Boiling Point, Heartbeat, Pretender, Delusion, Blackout, Neurotic, O2, Voting Time, Turbulence, Titular, Greatest Plan, Reinforcements, Armed, Finale, Identity Crisis, Sauces Moogus, Roomcode, Tomongus Tuesday, Alpha Moogus, Actin Sus, Ow, Who, Insane Streamer, Sussus Nuzzus, IDK, Esculent, Drippypop, Crewicide, Monotone Attack, Top 10, Chippin, Chipping, Torture oh wait that’s every song WHOOPS!

  10. We said we were going to make red mungus fly.. and he chose to fly into our hearts

  11. This is like some bootleg smash bros you’d find at a sweaty flee market in the middle of Utah after a 14 hour car drive

  12. My top players are Sonic and Kirby, but that’s because my little brother mains those 2. But the funny thing is that it’s my personal switch. Trust me Dr Mario will be up there soon enough

  13. Mr game and watch doesn’t have the money like Mr beast but he got the legacy

  14. Cmon Piranha Plant with Terry clothes looks kinda dope XD Goofy but I like it

  15. Makes sense, he’s a very busy man. He doesn’t have time to be in crappy shows

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