1. Conference will be at 12 PM PST

  2. Hornets and the Spurs being added to the California Classic before the Clippers is just kinda funny to me

  3. This was originally flaired with the "News" flair. Reading the article, it's just

  4. Only if the Warriors extend him another qualifying offer this summer which they don't intend to by the looks at it

  5. Source via Basket News' Donatas Urbonas - " Nico Mannion expected to play for Milwaukee Bucks in NBA Summer League"

  6. Kobe 6 proto challenge red all-star

  7. Seeing Cody Zeller clamp up Tatum occasionally out of nowhere reminds me when Beli did the same last finals

  8. Who the fuck is even left for them to target lol. Hardy is the Jazz head coach, Stoudamire is at Georgia Tech. Mazzulla is our head coach.

  9. Aaron Miles. A development guy Udoka poached from the Warriors (ex-head coach of Santa Cruz Warriors)

  10. Yea. He also briefly played for the Warriors too before going overseas and then later on becoming an assistant coach for Kansas => Santa Cruz head coach => promoted to Warriors assistant for development => poached to be a Celtics assistant due to Udoka's Portland ties with Aaron

  11. Summary via The Athletic's Jason Jones

  12. All of the Hampton 5 (Steph, Klay, Dray, Andre, KD) will get their numbers retired. Joe Lacob already said so in 2019/2020

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