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  1. You can’t subtract 20.00 and 17.28 with a calculator in your pocket?

  2. Why get snarky? It would haunt me if I had left a server such an insulting tip, even if I knew in my heart that I genuinely not meant to. If my fix to guarantee that I never made that mistake again was to leave the tip line blank and only fill in the total, you can bet I’d do the same. I’m not trying to make your job more difficult. I’m trying to ensure I don’t short change someone that has spent their time taking care of me.

  3. OP doesn’t even know what a shitty tip is honestly. He just rounded up. If he can post on reddit I assume he could use a calculator or do simple math.

  4. Yeah I seriously doubt it. Why don’t you mind your business instead of fantasizing.

  5. I’m surprised you even know the word empathy. That’s usually not in the vocabulary of people like you.

  6. White apologist is what I would call you. Speaking for the oppressed even though you have no idealization of what they went through. So yeah I think cuck is appropriate.

  7. cuck - One whose wife has had sexual relations with another man (in modern use, often with the husband's approval) has been cucked.

  8. Sounds like a racist with extra steps

  9. Because future generations think boomers suck.

  10. The delivery fee doesn't matter, no one has to have food delivered to their home. If you don't want to properly tip your driver then go pick the food up yourself.

  11. Blame your employer for eating all your tips then. Not saying I wouldn’t tip but to ask people to pay 15% fees and a 20% tip isn’t realistic as I’m sure you have seen.

  12. I don’t pay your bullshit. If the earth only had people like me you’d be working at the local Kroger or Home Depot.

  13. It’s a red flag that she refuses to talk abut it AND it was her insisting to “try” without a condom. This has a distinctive ‘baby trap’ smell to it. Sit her down and try your best to get her to talk to you. If she refuses, you will have to make some decisions here. She clearly doesn’t consider you an equal partner and it will only get worse from here.

  14. Nothing he can do anyway if she wants to keep it.

  15. Paternity test would be something to do. Or, if you're in Florida, a maternity test.

  16. True if he’s not the father that would be great for him.

  17. Effectively half of an mba. A full MBA is useless tard. Your major sounds like a scam. I mean they all are but sustainability management? See you at Wendy’s

  18. They cant tip $4?.. okay then.

  19. He should have resigned like 10 years ago and sailed off into the sunset.

  20. When did "fact checking" become a synonym for "caught lying" (which this is not a case of).

  21. Fact checking has always been about catching lies. Why is white people Twitter just republican hate?

  22. You misunderstand my point. The term is now being misused to mean the past tense.....caught lying. The right seems to think that simply because they get repeatedly and consistently caught lying, that somehow no one is "fact-checking" the left. Just another in a long line of invented grievances and outrage.

  23. Reddit is annoying because you automatically get upvotes from having a left point of view. I’m not right but cmon

  24. Who you trying to convince? Us or you. The answer is because you overcooked it.

  25. Thank you so much!! This method makes me more excited to try them (I went today before 10am and was curious)

  26. How does that method make you excited? Frozen tamales boiled and then warmed?

  27. Fuck those greedy assholes. I would hide it. I’ve always lied about how many pets I had.

  28. Smells like doordash propaganda

  29. That pepper plant needs more water and to get a bit healthier before you chop it. make sure to leave some foliar mass for photosynthesis. Let ir regrow before you do any styling or anything else to it, once you chop it.

  30. Wrong. Chop it at 3.5. It’ll be fine.

  31. Didn’t I read another thread where you said you always tip a min. of 20%? Which is it lol?

  32. 15% is bad for locals at my restaurant. The median tip is 20% and my average that night was 23%.

  33. 20% is like the max. Don’t be a douche

  34. I go to restaurants like once a month and tip well. I barely survive. How is that a power imbalance?

  35. I go out once a month as a treat and tip well. I’m poor and always respectful. You sound like a fucking douche

  36. English is genuinely one of the dumbest and illogical languages out there. Why should there be 10 different ways to pronounce a letter? Why are there so many stupid homonyms?

  37. Spanish can be just as stupid. In English if something is past tense you put an ed on the end of it. In Spanish you have to formulate the ending based on who you are speaking to.

  38. imo the best language is ASANfasbhjAFDSHBDFUI (sorry foot cramp)

  39. Languages are hard. Complaining about them seems stupid.

  40. Washing a tea cup isn’t even an issue. I’d rather use a used tea cup without washing it than hollow out a pepper.

  41. Only people who live in New Orleans think New Orleans is good. They act like their food is gods gift to man but it’s really just a bunch of over sauced, over salted boring shit.

  42. I’m not talking about just the food. It would be cool to see more on the culture, the bayou(swamps), wildlife such as gators, pelicans, and turtles, architecture, the history, Mardi Gras, etc.

  43. Yeah could be with the voodoo witchcraft stuff. But most gaming doesn’t really focus on a city like that.

  44. Moron. Price action is based on selling people options.

  45. ITT: virgins pretending they have been laid.

  46. I think just a button down is fine. Even a polo probably.

  47. Hard when you're a woman lol. I don't even own loose pants. Also like I said, husband told me that he didn't have to empty his pockets at all. Went to the same exact place. I've never been drug tested for a job so I had no idea what the procedure was.

  48. Ok well it’s just a small flask for future reference. Pretty easy conceal for a one time drug test if you actually wanted the job.

  49. oh maybe i got the bigger kind? it was like 3 oz, a little smaller than my old-ish iPhone. QuickFix+. i really, really wanted this job so i'm just fucked unless that "may be terminated" + the fact that i'll be sitting behind a desk come in clutch

  50. If they say it comes back positive I’d say I have no idea why and ask if you could retake it with the quick fix

  51. ThinkorSwim with TD Ameritrade might seem a little daunting at first but they offer a significant amount of education regarding the platform. They even have their own market hours show and even during the commercial breaks for the show they give you tips on using the platform.

  52. My god so much word vomit. It lets you buy options and they have the best graphs.

  53. It's not word vomit, it's relevant information on how one platform is superior in less than 150ish words dude.

  54. Talking about the education, saying they aren’t inherently evil (they are), badmouthing the competitor like they aren’t all the same.

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