On the 8th October, 28 days after the much heralded launch of smart contracts, there was 1 (one) smart contract transaction on Cardano. In 24 hours. Holders are you disappointed? Or do you still believe in the project?

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  1. Yeah thinking ethereum will fall based on how a chart looks is a pretty poor way to predict price. Especially after eip 1559, it’s basically a different asset. Could it fall to 1k? Sure. But it’s not because you drew some lines on a chart.

  2. CND - Circle inc. they currently own USDC, the 4th largest crypto currency. A stable coin just below up, regulation is going to come. USDC is backed 1:1 with US dollars and they are applying for a bank charter which will likely be readily pushed through once the executive order gets passed down.

  3. Something about a SoundCloud link. Looks like internal because there would be nothing I’d have posted with sound cloud. It seems there are quite a few others affected by it.

  4. This reminds me of a lot of comments I used to read on

  5. Yeah. I started doing more Reddit scraping. It’s all on display at

  6. No. SPACs taking shitty merger terms and fucking over their investors killed spacs.

  7. Wait, what's rude? Are you talking about the Blade Runner quote? It's literally just a bot joke.. no need to read into it.

  8. I think offering to run the bot we gave you the source code to when we are in a busy period would have been a better way to go about it.

  9. I mean, I tried to cover for both of you guys for like, a while.

  10. There was a time you were absent as well. When I first became a mod and the sub was a mess I reached out to you a couple of times - all were ignored. Once we had everything set up two-three months later you came back into the picture.

  11. So like a Crypto Kickstarter for specific goals, not for people.

  12. I think it would be better suited to be run by a DAO. That way the contributors are the ones who control what gets spent where.

  13. This post has fallen below the downvoting threshold! Thanks for the submission but the members have spoken!

  14. Is there a source for this info? I'm curious how GameStop would get away with doing this. Feels like it would be the game publisher that would need to mint the NFT, unless it's some sort of token you trade in for a digital download code? But then it's a one-time use.

  15. The source is legitimate. I do agree though, I thought the same thing. There is no way this won't be a huge law suit from the publishers.

  16. If it was a closed network where you could only sell back to gamestop games you purchased from gamestop this may close that licensing loop. Right now if you download a game you can't transfer that ownership. This would make it a tangible asset and therefore encourage people to purchase through the Gamestop platform rather than the Xbox store for instance right?

  17. There is still a key that allows verification on PS and Xbox consoles. I feel they would need buy in from hardware and software developers.

  18. Please be considerate of our AMAer's time and be respectful. The dates are soft targets for the moment.

  19. I contacted about 15 different spacs during the December / January time frame to set up AMAs. I received no answer or a flat out No including from some currently on the list. I’m also frustrated by that they now decide to do it.

  20. I'll look into having the comment removed for all future daily posts.

  21. I guess he changed it. Post has been edited but here’s the link that works.

  22. I created an entire database for every ticker mentioned across Reddit on

  23. FYI - The interview with of James Wang (author) by Dave Lee really good.

  24. Yeah I was going to write that this is really dependent upon strictly enforced moderation which is dependent upon willing moderators..... Perhaps they're just are not enough moderators or not enough willing moderators.

  25. I think the biggest reason is the moderators on here are extremely influential people in the crypto / ETH space. However, this makes the day to day moderation fall extremely low on their priorities list. I'd be happy to help keep it clean. Heck, I won't even comment.

  26. I would advise you to remove the tag vitalik is not involved in moderation here. He is way way too busy for such a simple mediocre task.

  27. He’s the only mod I’ve seen comment and he’s rather active, but I’ve removed it.

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