1. Conjunction only after PLD and vacation. Just make sure you're in unassigned service and your layoff doesn't touch 0001 Friday

  2. My PLD starts at 0800 on Friday so how can I plan this lay off properly? I’m on the board out of town rn and I get back tmr if everything works out around 00:00 then I won’t be available till noon on Thursday so should I lay off at 0759? On Thursday morning?

  3. Yeah gives great pumps in both ur muscles and ur tool 🪛

  4. I find that Cialis takes longer than the other 2 to start working, so I try to take it the evening before our usual morning sex. However, it lasts much longer, typically still working 2 1/2 days after taking it.

  5. It's all fine dude, your plan looks good and possible. Just take the ash with caution if you're planning to take it for a long time without a break, people were reporting anhedonia from it when taking it for a long duration of months non-stop.

  6. I might skip the ash, but what if I replaced that with maca could that work?

  7. Tried Maca, didn't really work for me, except giving some marginal energy boost. Wouldn't really account that to an increase in testosterone since I haven't felt anything other than that small energy boost, no other effects of heightend testosterone or the lower cortisol. It also apparently only mimics testosterone typical effects instead of really increasing it and if it did, then it would be very marginal.

  8. I’m just really looking for a stack that would raise my T and make me a monster in the bedroom any recs?

  9. I’m vaping now and have those symptoms - hurts my knees and elbows too… what is causing it???

  10. That is not what TRT is for. You have neither a diagnosis of nor clear symptoms of hypogonadism.

  11. TRT is good for you…. I have low test but my clinician won’t prescribe bc of my age, all my buddies do steroids but I wanna do it right and have someone watch over me so that’s why I’m looking for input I’m gonna do it anyway but I just wanna know how others see the anxiety…

  12. NAD clearly you're not interested in input. This doctor has given you their medical opinion and you reply as though you know better. They said it has "serious side effects". But if you know better, hopefully your foolhardy decision won't come back to bite you.

  13. Low T will do more damage then me doing one cycle of TRT to rebound my total free test I’m curious my mental affects…

  14. Took me 8 months and a new job for me to become “normal” again had the worst brain fog some days didn’t even feel real u needa break ur current cycle and do something new

  15. I have the same TV and I hate it. Bud light is piss btw.

  16. This is a Samsung 4K 60 inch TV I never had any problems I love it

  17. I think she may be trying to blackmail you. Ban the cameras when you light up that asylum lol.

  18. You’re an adventurous one lol

  19. My wrestling coach actually told me about that I never believed it till a few weeks ago Lol! Actually quite pleasing if u Dip regularly

  20. In 2023 the Rick and Michonne will be back

  21. Just worked with a few dudes from minot super awesome guys 👍

  22. To be fair Swedish match never caused cancer or throat cancer zyn has never caused throat cancer or cancer of the mouth…. So

  23. I think so IMO any form of nicotine is beneficial for you, increase happiness, less depression, appetite suppressant, and cognitive improver, better mood = more test, BUT the moment you stop you withdrawal so if u can get passed irritability and countine to life your aggression will be through the roof

  24. The worst of the nicotine withdrawal will be over in three days’ time. You just have to make up your mind to quit, I mean really want it. After that you might get the odd craving, but all the tangible symptoms will be gone.

  25. I had anxiety and depression for 6 months after quitting Zyn not like me at all so that’s not true af all it takes 3 months for ur dopamine to reset to its normal levels prior to nicotine

  26. I’m sorry you had a bad time, but that runs much deeper than nicotine withdrawal, friend.

  27. Not true considering it was a physical addiction as stated above…. Look up kill the can hundreds of people go through what I did but longer when quitting cold turkey , look them up on insta and Tik tok….

  28. Good luck I would ween down I was the same way had depression and anxiety for 6 months constantly depersonalizing never felt normal for 6 months couldn’t control my negative ocd thoughts

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