1. I’m not old enough to get that becaus in my area it’s only sold at pharmacies, the only reason I can get Zyns and vapes is cuz of this sketch ass gas station

  2. Just worked with a few dudes from minot super awesome guys 👍

  3. To be fair Swedish match never caused cancer or throat cancer zyn has never caused throat cancer or cancer of the mouth…. So

  4. I think so IMO any form of nicotine is beneficial for you, increase happiness, less depression, appetite suppressant, and cognitive improver, better mood = more test, BUT the moment you stop you withdrawal so if u can get passed irritability and countine to life your aggression will be through the roof

  5. The worst of the nicotine withdrawal will be over in three days’ time. You just have to make up your mind to quit, I mean really want it. After that you might get the odd craving, but all the tangible symptoms will be gone.

  6. I had anxiety and depression for 6 months after quitting Zyn not like me at all so that’s not true af all it takes 3 months for ur dopamine to reset to its normal levels prior to nicotine

  7. I’m sorry you had a bad time, but that runs much deeper than nicotine withdrawal, friend.

  8. Not true considering it was a physical addiction as stated above…. Look up kill the can hundreds of people go through what I did but longer when quitting cold turkey , look them up on insta and Tik tok….

  9. Good luck I would ween down I was the same way had depression and anxiety for 6 months constantly depersonalizing never felt normal for 6 months couldn’t control my negative ocd thoughts

  10. Could nicotine be the reason for all of my struggles? Mine are very very similar to yours and I’ve been doing nic/zyns for 2 years.

  11. You’ll be fine with the weendown maybe a week or two after it might suck I quit heavy use like that cold turkey depersonalizing and depression for 6 months finally became normal after 6 months 1 week

  12. Bro keep the postive attitude attack the day and you should be fine , keep us updated with how the weening down goes, I did cold turkey bc I was apart of the Killthecan organization IMO those people where hella toxic the founder/owner believes “cold turkey is the only noble way” or only way to quit that works which I think is BS Bc he was on anxiety meds when he quit cold turkey and I wanted to KMS for 3 weeks (never felt like that in my life till I quit cold turkey) but there brain washing made it seem like coldturkey was the way… I regret it but YOU got this brother better to be ur own slave then the slave to the nicotine what I mean is, what helped me is physically punishing my body, grind the gym hard and eat clean! It’ll be awesome also get a good book….

  13. I didn’t do that? Says my post got over 4K views last time I checked brotha !

  14. Hey man, welcome to the wonderful world of snus. I started using it less than a year ago, and used to dip a little (I’m Canadian so no tasty flavors anymore..)

  15. Dude thank you for the recommendations/info that is awesome ! :) and yeah the burger was awesome was the first time I been there but my Son said the place was good so I had to check it out !

  16. Don’t do it man, trust me they want to medicate you bad, you can get addicted to those just as much as zyn and the withdrawal of anxiety meds and depression meds are 100 times worse raw dawg life trust me I was so close to doing all the bad things my brain told me I never did…… just know if u miss a pill I can send u into withdrawal; don’t do it bro u got this(unless u needed ssri before or did them before then probably ? I’m not a doctor personally I wouldn’t) + it I could restart my whole quit I would have tappered Bc everyone who tappered never went through the problems we did

  17. Why would you use nicotine again if you had successfully quit for 6 months? That sucks dude. I can't imagine going back.

  18. Because I never had a problem with nicotine I quit for no reason what so ever, but in the process I enjoyed the quir it was a wonderful feeling when I look back at it I can feel the dopamine in my brain it’s like a tickle: one of the hardest things I’ve ever accomplished I’m a 3x state champion wrestler, been in gun fights across the Globe, been cheated on, broke my bones, ETC this one thing is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, look into Killthecan on Tik tok or Instagram he is so helpful it’s insane !!!

  19. Yea that’s not what happens for me, my heart rate doesn’t increase when I go w out it increases when I take it

  20. Yeah well nicotine increases ur blood pressure and raises ur heart beat dude how did u not know that 😂😂😂

  21. I did know that, I’m saying recently it’s increased it a lot more very suddenly. Like my resting heart rate is around 50, with a zyn in it’s usually about 65-75, this morning it went up to 140 out of nowhere. That jump is unprecedented hence my concern

  22. Yeah it’s messing with your heart man, it can only take so much ur blood vessels are shrinking


  24. I’m waking up to day 9, and I 100% agree with all this. You’re killing it! Also the anxiety component can’t be understated.

  25. Nah don’t do that !!! Trust me I’m 6 months in 5.95 months of straight derealization it sucked so bad I was so depressed it gets better don’t fold u got this champ

  26. Quit now, happend to me my first 6 months of quitting hands tinlgey, feel numb, hurts, etc and depersonalize and depression finally feel normal

  27. If you ask for or post personal information about people or artists, alive or dead, we will remove it, including pictures of people standing in front of work.

  28. Well how would I be able to find more of the art…. 😂😂

  29. Stick to 3Mg once u hit 6Mg it sucks just read through some of my posts I quit zyn 6s and I had the worst withdrawal depersonalization, anxiety, sadness, sucked so bad

  30. Damn, I had my share of those symptoms from a bad acid trip so worst case it won’t be my first rodeo but hopefully it doesn’t get to that point!

  31. Yeah man almost certain it was that Bc I mean the same day I got the vaccine, hopped on anti biotic for this infection I had, and quit nicotine but you know Doctors will always tell you the medicine is safe 😂

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