1. The animations are just super clunky. It looks like stop motion to me. You may be getting tearing bacuse of the disparity between your monitors refresh rate and the frame rate of the game. That explains why it goes away when you're closer to 100 fps. It's basically a desync between the rate at which your monitor and game are running.

  2. Problem is, it was billed as a AAA game and it's just a passable indie game. Graphical glitches, copy/pasted POI's, combat feels uneventful, there are only a few combos shared across every weapon, repetitive fetch quests... the list goes on and on. It's just not good, and certainly isn't the $60 game it was sold as.

  3. Considering PS wouldn’t give me a refund on the pile of garbage called Biomutant (played less than an hour), I’d expect them to treat this similarly to Microsoft

  4. I bought it for $20 and I felt robbed. What a piece of shit game.

  5. U don't kill pharmercy with a solo ana. Mercy can outheal you, its just incredibly boring.

  6. Yes, i aim at the mercy, killing her in 3 shots, not missing is pretty top 500 to assume any support player is just gonna whip out. Not even top 500s 3 tap mercy without missing. All while not having the pharah try to dunk on me. "Its really not hard"

  7. Ok then, keep complaining about your teammates while doing nothing to solve the problem yourself.

  8. If Blizzard can't fix their game, it shouldn't be bannable to use the breaks to your advantage.

  9. I'd agree in a PVE setting, but this is negatively affecting other players. Just like it's technically not illegal to smear your feces on a public toilet seat, but you're a total piece of shit if you do it.

  10. Would probably be better to post your profile stats rather than a cherry picked game from a month ago, when you were also blaming your team for your low rank.

  11. You absolutely have to aim her heals. The tickets only activate and turn yellow if your reticle is over an ally when that ticket is thrown. Otherwise, they just stay blue and do nothing.


  13. I play on pc, performs great, overall less granular texture detail than world but I wouldn't say its definitively worse graphically, just a different style.

  14. I did a little research on google, seems like it's going to run at 60 on console. That's fine. Would have preferred 120, but oh well.

  15. Rise has known FPS related issues when it was ported to PC that they actually had to release a patch to nerf the insane move tracking of most monster moves when playing above 30 fps (it runs at 30fps on Switch). Essentially, the higher the fps, the more insane the tracking becomes to the point you can't dodge anything. My guess is they limited the port to 4k60 to avoid encountering more new fps related issues.

  16. I'm watching the some gameplay now from PC. Looks alright. Undoubtedly better than the switch's native 720p @ 30 fps.

  17. I was having an issue yesterday where I could cycle players, but then it would immediately revert back when I released the button. The issue resolved itself after a few minutes. On ps5

  18. Surprisingly enough, the devs don’t, and should not, balance the game around Quick Play Open Queue; so that screenshot means exactly zero.

  19. The amount of people that think they're hot shit in open queue QP is baffling. Hog has such low utility in role queue now that there is just one tank.

  20. This is a valid strategy, and that's usually how i end up playing him, but as i was saying in the post most team comps are now 2-3 tanks. So when baiting out 1 or 2 counters. they are usually refreshed by the time the 3rd or second is dealt with. hog only has like a 6 or 7 second cooldown on hook while dva just passively regenerates her matrix. Its things like this that make me think its too counterable.

  21. No bad idea at all, gold is immune to iron gall inks, only steel nibs would be affected but the steel alloy nowadays has become better, so even those nibs aren't really at risk.

  22. So, lemme get this straight... you're looking to modify something you know nothing about... so you can fix a problem that may not exist?

  23. I'm sure a new piece of hardware with double the RAM and more than double the processing speed won't show any improvement in game performance...

  24. I have the Pulse 3D, it's great, the 3D audio is fantastic. I can't play any games without it now

  25. I went from the steel series 7p+ to the pulse 3d and I'll never go back. More comfortable for me and the audio is much better. Lower price too.

  26. Just to be clear on this. He gutted the team, and then posted asking people to report suspicious activity to his tweet. Like respond underneath it. He wants people to report directly to him. It’s fucking weird, to be honest. What kind of system is that? Are people supposed to take him seriously that he cares and is doing everything in his power?

  27. Well, that shit runs in his family... so maybe he wants it for himself?

  28. Not even remotely true. Look up how many deaths there were through out 2020 before the vaccines were approved for the general population. Every country has seen a huge drop in deaths thanks to the vaccines we've developed.

  29. I think that they're saying the vaccinated portion of society is such an overwhelming majority that even their reduced deathrates are totalling higher than the small sect who are unvaccinated.

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