1. It's interesting that a lot of Mexicans are into embracing the Aztec identity but most Mexican mestizos or Indians aren't descended from Aztecs, but rather people who were oppressed by Aztecs---many of whom were crucial in helping Cortes defeat the Aztecs. Cortes didn't sack the city with 800 Europeans, it was 800 Europeans backed by tens of thousands of Indians.

  2. Always thought this would make for an interesting SciFi allegory.. think Avatar, except the human invaders put several of the Na'vi tribes against each other.

  3. Need to gut USCIS the way repugs try to gut IRS

  4. Well under SCOTUS precedent states have total control over their localities. It’s just historically, for a variety of reasons, they’ve decided to provide local autonomy through legislative or constitutional grants. And that’s become the norm and expectation in many states. Clearly many cities have abused this discretion, especially in housing, and should have less power over zoning. But it’s hard for the state to take away the misty-eyed Tocquevillian notion of “local control” once people are used to it.

  5. It's not really much to do with SCOTUS, it's just a simple fact that states are sovereign entities while cities are mere instruments of state law.

  6. I'm sure there is plentiful case law, my point is that such only affirms what is already self-evidently true about the nature of local government. That was never a question SCOTUS had any authority to answer any other way. Might as well ask my neighbor

  7. Well that's just not going to happen. Either we will get some cautious, incremental, slow reform, or we will get nothing at all. Saying we need a radical rebuilding is like saying we need medicare for all, a green new deal, free college, and whatever - like, ok, you said we need it, but how do we actually do it? Doesn't seem like there's a viable way

  8. Too little, too late. DA is making a classic coward move: declining to be aggressive when he needed to lead, then piling on when it looks like the tide has turned against his target.

  9. That is by NYS's own choice though, as a matter of NYS statute. It has nothing to do with any sort of federal preemption of jurisdiction, as OP was inquiring about.

  10. Yes, we should have one state police with divisions for cities and rural areas. New York as an example would have a very large force with multiple divisions. Montana would maybe have two divisions. However all would be accountable to their state legislature; have standardized enforcement, training, complain procedures ect.

  11. You can't figure 8 around Mars's moon(s) like you could the earth's. They are too tiny to affect the craft in any meaningful way

  12. Fine. We'll just crash into the puny little moons then. That'll stop us!

  13. That's a heaping serving of hopium right there. They have litteraly seized land in the past decade. They have land claims against Russia and India. I am positive that China would move in on some low population rump states in the east for the resources/internal political points.

  14. The last time China attempted a military intervention it went very badly for them. China is not a super power, never will be - hell even their soft power has crumbled as B&I projects are failing, all its neighbors have turned away from China's wolf warrior diplomacy, and the world economy is divesting away to cheaper manufacturing economies.

  15. They are indeed a superpower. Currently they are more powerful than the soviets were regarding conventional arms. One recession won't degrade them as much as you seem to think.

  16. This is a laughable take. China is no where close to where the Soviets were lol

  17. All the sugar packets and coasters are a restaurant notorious for its wobbly tables.

  18. Thankfully the gory conclusion was censored out of the video.

  19. Nope. It is definitely time to consider giving Turkey the boot. Erdogan is abusing NATO membership in a way that runs counter to the interests of the alliance as a whole, and its not even the first time.

  20. No, that would only help putin. Kicking out turkey might make you "feel good", but it would achieve nothing constructive.

  21. But all your assumptions go for the UAF and their counteroffensive too. Imagine liberating the city of donzek or luhansk or even a single city in crimea. This will be so deadly for the UAF too.

  22. No it it doesn't go for the UAF as well, they don't fight the same way.

  23. I’m not in a rush to take tanks from countries near China if we have other options

  24. Tanks would have little use in a primarily air/sea conflict vs China.

  25. Unless those tanks float they won't have much to do with any conflicts vs China.

  26. Like where the essence of the characters go when they aren't being observed anymore, when the show isn't being watched. Like... where music goes when you're not listening to it. Or something.

  27. Like what redditors are doing when you aren't reading their comments??

  28. Shouldn't NATO be putting a ton of hardware in Poland. Maybe enough to make Belarus reconsider if they really want to be between NATO and Moscow.

  29. They do! Rapid reaction force is heavily stockpiled in Poland

  30. We'll get the tanks. They're just pretending to disagree as a feint to fool the Russians.

  31. Scientists blame hyperpolarization for loss of public trust in science

  32. Every single American electoral reform activist thinks their pet voting reform is the magic bullet.

  33. All would be a huge improvement over FPTP, at least some of the time

  34. Why the heck would he file in a court that could not provide relief?

  35. It’s hard to call it a dangerous situation when the accident would have been avoided with the driver making the very slightest effort to slow down.

  36. Yeah sorry but no, failing to yield is not creating a mere inconvenience. You're just taking a side, and doing so incorrectly.

  37. 100% the car because he intentionally drove into the truck.

  38. No, both are at fault, liability is not a zero-sum game. Say what you want about the car driver, but the truck still initiated a dangerous situation by not yielding to oncoming traffic.

  39. Nothing I said was in support of anyone my dude, except Ukraine.

  40. You don't seem to understand that it russia who has the extreme uphill battle.

  41. Nah mate, anyone who actually believes russia has any chance in hell of holding much less gaining territory in Ukraine is delusional.

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