1. huge time skip with similar tech but entirely new storylines + easter eggs of relics/artifacts referencing the stories from before

  2. brother the eagles have earned 7 points if the niners are healthy that’s a guaranteed win

  3. That’s the thing. The niners were never healthy. They have a third string qb in 🤣

  4. lmao dude purdy was healthy. and he was good enough to win. you got no idea what ur talking about, enjoy the lucky win

  5. Yeah that was a bad pick by me I’ll take the blame for that, real lapse in judgement

  6. haha i was gonna bet the magic spread but saw your pick and stayed away instead. better safe than sorry, plus you’ve saved me from several losing picks the other way round before. anyways, tailing today, let’s get it!!

  7. same but I can't say there was ever a point I really thought they would pull it off

  8. dude that game was easily winnable. dropped int. dropped 60 yard pass. fumble at the 3. int the next drive. jags 100% had a good shot

  9. because the jaguars are losing by 10+ literally tomorrow

  10. this might not be a popular opinion but i’m a big single player campaign type player and i enjoyed the BF1 stories or whatever they’re called. i really wish they were longer or there were more of them but i liked the variety of environment and stories (maybe more so bc i enjoy the history aspect). it’s not a whole lot of game time but if you think you’d be at all interested it’s probably worth $8 to me

  11. because 3 of the games are tossups

  12. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  13. If the 49ers win and the Vikings lose the Cowboys play a rookie 6th rounder in the divisional which would set up for an Eagles Cowboys NFC championship. I think it’s possible they make a good run no one expects like the 8-8 Giants did

  14. cowboys are not beating the niners lmfao our “rookie 6th rounder” has been balling out and we’ve won 10 straight. dak is awful, we have a good run defense, and we have the best offense we’ve had in years. id be shocked if it’s not eagles niners in the CG and i expect niners to win there too

  15. Im from Iowa and I’ve been watching Brock for the last 5 years. Not the last 5 week like most 9ers fans. He’s a good quarterback, he is not going to be the first rookie QB in history to take their team to the Super Bowl and he certainly won’t be winning it.

  16. niners with purdy are still a WAY better team than cowboys. plus keep in mind 2 out of the last 3 seasons we made the CG with jimmy g, and the one we didn’t we had the most injuries in the league… and purdy fits the system and executes kyle’s plays better than he ever did… this team is the best we’ve had. purdy doesn’t need to do a huge amount to get us there

  17. watched this instead of clue. the perfect recommendation. tysm!!

  18. Honestly, I wouldn’t run them straight at those odds. Are you using bovada? Their SOG odds are usually way too juiced for straights for me

  19. ah, unfortunately yes i am. would you advise any kind of round robin? or your 10 to 1000? or just stay away from hockey in general haha (it’s not the worst idea for me to not get engrossed in yet another sport, i’ve just seen your name a lot and wanted to investigate)

  20. Hockey is the most fun sport for me to bet on personally so I wouldn’t say stay away if you have even a little interest 😂. But usually the guys I pick have much better odds, I would say today they’re just big favorites of the public so the odds have dropped a ton. I would stay away from round robins unless your odds are near even money or + money. With big favorites and round robins you’ll essentially have to hit all 3 to profit.

  21. that makes sense. i’ll sit today out and check back tomorrow i think. thank you for the tips!!

  22. Opponent: "I heard it actually went..."

  23. omg this sounds incredible i would LOVE that

  24. damn… no TD there and that coulda been it 😔

  25. yea lakers is throwing money away… wait for the bills to pull away in the nfl and cash out lol

  26. broncos and raiders would scare me. as a niners fan, maybe even us too, depending on injuries

  27. I went to the IT office and they said to try moving to a less busy area but otherwise there’s nothing else to do

  28. ah yes, go to a less busy area in your classroom 🙄

  29. regardless of fucking bork how about non-tanks building sunfire as their meta build?? love durability patch and all it did for the game

  30. m51a is easy. 32 is very very hard. idk about the math

  31. I don't think CS 32 is that hard. It's an introductory class.

  32. CS 32 is notoriously one of the most difficult classes in the major. I’m not sure why you’re telling me about it when I’ve taken it and you haven’t. Ask any CS major. It might not be conceptually hard, but its a ridiculous amount of work and doing it in a shortened amount of time, let alone with 3 other classes, is a terrible idea.

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