With 13 seconds left, no timeouts left and in position for a Hail Mary pass, Cowboys quarterback runs the ball in the middle of the field instead. The Cowboys can't get set in time for another play, the clock runs out and the Cowboys season comes to an end.

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  1. m51a is easy. 32 is very very hard. idk about the math

  2. I don't think CS 32 is that hard. It's an introductory class.

  3. CS 32 is notoriously one of the most difficult classes in the major. I’m not sure why you’re telling me about it when I’ve taken it and you haven’t. Ask any CS major. It might not be conceptually hard, but its a ridiculous amount of work and doing it in a shortened amount of time, let alone with 3 other classes, is a terrible idea.

  4. mauls been in enough, his story should be done. ventress is dead, i hope she stays dead, coming back has already been overused. hondo… i hope not lol he’s also been in enough stuff. luke and inquisitors is enough

  5. they’re usually here on weekends at rieber. disappointing

  6. i think bc it’s mother’s day and a little less busy they’re not here? that being said there’s definitely not enough options this weekend

  7. damn that’s a sick building from the game they should make it into a real life one

  8. why would the prof only print out 100 copies if there are 180 students enrolled?

  9. Will You Find Me - Jesse Davidson

  10. wish i could downvote but ur at -69 so i wont

  11. i dont think you’re allowed to park there

  12. ayo mods, can someone get rid of this person? just look at their comment karma

  13. i’m honored to be the 69th downvote on your atrocity of a comment

  14. how do y’all come up with your music? any major sources of inspiration or techniques you use,

  15. Neither. I just wanted to know so I can decide whether or not it's a good enough reason to brush off our concerns.

  16. i mean… if he’s not on a no fly list he could be here in hours. couldn’t bring weapons though. could buy others here. could drive here. could actually be here and not on east coast bc they didn’t give proof he’s there. who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. I want to know if they confirmed that he is actually there and that he cant get here.

  18. as of now, definitely not confirmed. all i’ve seen is a text post on @uclapresident ‘s story

  19. never happened != impossible. also, what if someone comes in while the doors are unlocked, during class??

  20. i bought it for $24 in december, already have 50 hours in it. super worth it.

  21. flores will be hired very soon. leftwich could. culley unlikey but who knows

  22. any of pats cowboys steelers bc duh

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