1. If you confirm they respawn by going away it will be new ones going back. I just got two shiny finizen this way. Also another trick is if you are near a town entering a town immediately despawns all pokemon as well.

  2. I have a question about shiny hunting:

  3. I think they're suppose to change? But I still picnic anyway lmao

  4. So surfing away despawns them to the same effect that picnicking does? I can just go back and forth till i see a shiny in the group?

  5. You already got an answer from Noah but if you want to go a little in-depth you don't need to beat Snowhead to get Epona, you just need get the Powder Keg from the Big Goron, you would use the Fire Arrows to access it, but that misses the point of not getting the Fire Arrows,

  6. In the og MM, doesn't the captain's hat also work to enter the canyon? I thought it was all the "spooky" ones. For that you can just go to the graveyard

  7. My whole point is that "Ganon only harmed Hylians off-screen and everyone else is hunky dory" makes it feel like the Great Calamity wasn't actually that bad.

  8. There is a sorceress npc in limgrave, you can buy a sorcery sword buff from her

  9. ahhhh ty, im trying to be minimal spoilers,,, i found sorceress Serene or w/e her name is by sheer luck while adventuring :) but her spells seem poor.... i guess i need to find the spell book u mentioned, just knowing it's south is good enough for now :)

  10. They're almost definitely talking about Nerijas, considering they are at the gatefront ruins area, said they wandered and then a red phantom "invaded and hunted them down"

  11. Aye, that was my first outbreak & shiny. Actually got the shiny before 60 KO’s! Good luck!

  12. I got shiny magnemite yesterday before work 🎉

  13. I did know that, indeed. Thank you, though! I finally found one after FIVE hours of resetting dates & caught two shiny ✨.

  14. Awesome! Pray for me, I'm trying to get magnemite rn

  15. Do you guys think the soulsborne games not having a pause feature is good game design or do you think sekiro having a pause mechanic was a welcome edition to the series that was missed in elden ring?

  16. It's because you are on reddit, eventually you won't even be phased

  17. Ah yes I forget on the internet people have kneejerk reactions to criticism to things they like and downvote said criticism instead of formulating an argument on why the criticism is wrong.

  18. Someone downvoted that reply too! 😂

  19. Bring back Four Swords into the modern era. Triforce Heroes was missing a lot of what made the original Four Swords titles so great, and I chalk it up to the original 3DS resolution.

  20. FSA could only be saved on the overworld, right? Being able to save whenever would be necessary

  21. Well speak for yourself because I think I have around 8 hours ACTIVELY looking and haven’t found a single shiny lol. That’s just how odds work

  22. Ha that just means you're the sacrifice 😂

  23. The pokedex entry for Toedsecruel says that the ridges along it's cap are a delicacy 👹

  24. It disintegrated, it's probably not reconstituting.

  25. Ganon is an incarnation of demise's hatred, of course ghirahim would obey him. There's argument he already has in FSA, there is an "evil spirit" in the trident of power, the only two weapon spirits we know of are fi and ghirahim. The trident also has the power to turn it's wielder into the king of darkness

  26. Ganon is only an incarnation of Demise's hatred in the sense that every bokoblin is too, and Ghirahim doesn't serve them.

  27. The demon tribe and the incarnations of malice are not the same thing, the incarnations always rule over demons. Bokoblins are demons, members of the tribe. So is ghirahim. Within the tribe there is a hierarchy with ghirahim being above a normal bokoblin. Ghirahim is high ranking, but makes it clear he is still a servant. The incarnations are malice (demise's hatred) itself in the flesh and command malice and all demons that come from it

  28. I'm level 140 and co-op is lacking. I like to send out my sign near/far and I wait and wait, and often it's the same people.

  29. The damage reduction in 1.07 helped a lot, imo. It's still higher damage than DS3, but below meta level it's a lot more comparable nowadays. But then again, I've always preferred mid-level invasions in all of these games.

  30. Mid level, low level, high, it doesn't matter. You can literally do a pure vigor build and you will still get shredded by many people at all level ranges aside from those not upgrading, but you're fighting multiple people so the odds are at least one will be hitting you hard

  31. Invasions absolutely are harder in ER than they have been before, you'll hear no disagreement from me on that front. And if you don't like them, that's perfectly legit.

  32. Ive had the most success on my vigor build using OP ashes of war like waves of darkness that hit hard even without stat investment on my zweihander. I also do pretty good vs my pvp youtuber friend when we duel

  33. Depends on the link. In mm, he straight up merced sakon. Time travel did bring him back though…

  34. Sakon isn't innocent, he's a petty thief

  35. A petty thief who picks the weakest targets at that. He only went after Kafei because he thought he was a kid.

  36. Yeah that's true, he tries to trick you into lending him your sword until tatl turns red and starts attacking him and he steals from the old lady too

  37. I believe it's stated somewhere that he wasn't specific enough in his wish. Because he wished for "the world" he was given a world, the dark world

  38. The god of ST is part of the Light World so it’s under the authority of the Triforce. MM is more complicated.

  39. Is new hyrule part of the light world? Isn't the light world just hyrule? Or at least that's what hyrule was called i think. It makes sense if it's hyrule itself since the light spirits are all in hyrule and we see their borders in hyrule when they are robbed of light

  40. I haven't finished reading yet and will have to get back to this, a thought i had so far is:

  41. I mean, he kind of does in Wind Waker. In that timeline, the Hero of Time did defeat him, so what did he do? Actively sought out Zelda, and sabotaged the Master Sword so that it couldn't defeat him.

  42. And then punched a child in the face for the triforce of courage, lost his wish and after losing tried to kill two children with his swords

  43. I don't know any youtubers who only do Zelda content, but a couple of youtubers like DeeBeeGeek and QuinBoBin have some really good blind letsplays of almost all 3D Zelda games.

  44. Both are fun, enjoying quin more I'd say but dee was pretty great in his BOTW playthrough

  45. Besides the in game arrows from pots and keese, doesn't dolphin also allow cheat codes?

  46. I'm obsessed with not dying in my playthroughs, so i update my cloud save often and reset when i do

  47. Idk what to say to you because you're literally just arguing things that aren't reality. Yes, just upgrading will carry you till you have enough vigor to invest in other stats. No one is saying "literally only invest in vigor, even in end game", the generally accepted amounts of vigor per area are 30 up till liurnia, 40 for caelid and 60 for end game. The rest is your word vs mine and the entire community that has also played the game and identified these facts

  48. Phantom hourglass and oracle of seasons/ages are all really good, spirit tracks is a less good PH imo, FSA is really fun even in single player, LOZ can be pretty fun too

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