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  1. Yet there are already hundreds of laws limiting use of said product, and the right you're talking about is in the form of an amendment that can absolutely be changed or removed. More gun control is even supported by a majority of Americans.

  2. Okay, now what about every other part of my comment?

  3. Oh but that doesn’t fit into the narrative that only bad things have happened in the last 10 years.

  4. They put stuff "in the back" so that you couldn't walk out without trying to be sold an extended warranty.

  5. Yeah, I was listening too. I can't believe how they have to ask detectives to bring their keys so they can move cars out of the way for a bearcat. Seems nuts. Uvalde I think put a lot of parents on notice that the police won't always protect your kid, and act accordingly. Fucking sucks. Even with a hoax, this will cause some kids trauma.

  6. As suitcases go, it's not expensive, just purple. The guy probably makes $160k and could afford a $230 suitcase. Wonder if they have done this before.

  7. It was a Louis Vuitton suitcase that alone sells for over $2k.

  8. According to a local subreddit, he is a gay man himself.

  9. Yeah I'm sure this would've affected the votes of millions of people and completely changed the midterm results lol

  10. My uneducated actuarial analysis of this story says that this would have affected approximately 3 votes... In Alaska.

  11. Most people do. And then assume it's because of who they are rather than why they are.

  12. An AW ban wouldn't catch ðem but mandatory waiting periods at least have shown a high success rate at reducing male suicide rates since lacking immediate access takes ðe wind out of ðe sales in ðe moment of despair. Perhaps a similar effect could be observed depending on how many of ðese young men are committing ðese acts wið freshly bought arms.

  13. What a dumb way to lose a career - the DOE doesn't screw around on security clearances.

  14. Family friend works for BWXT Nuclear Operations here in Ohio (they design and build nuclear reactors for Navy ships)

  15. Refusing to certify legal elections should lead to immediate arrests.

  16. And then GOP "leaders" took out their forks and spoons and ate it for lunch.

  17. I'm just grateful that most of Trump's endorsements for mid-terms lost.

  18. I guess they realize executing him would be way too noticeable and possibly be the final straw

  19. You are exactly correct, most people don't even know it e happening, unless you are a hardcore news junkie or a railroad worker.

  20. I saw this creep up a couple times over the past few months. It sounded like the crisis was averted thanks to the Biden team.

  21. And brought to Europe, then back, is on camera removing and hiding the claim tag.

  22. Why do gun manufacturers advertise features like their weapons being fingerprint resistant?

  23. I am a vet and have a lot of good friends at the VFW as well we tend to all be democrats I don't think that's as cut and dried as you think.

  24. I couldn't understand how any veteran voted for Trump the first time, let alone the second time.

  25. I've talked to tons of vets who will rail on Trump all day long (because if we're honest, he's low-hanging fruit)

  26. We treat prisoners by locking them in their homes and letting them order food deliveries?

  27. An inmate is not “locked” in their house while on house arrest. That inmate is allowed free to leave their home for approved activities— doctors appointments, religious activities, work, etc. It’s not as if they are incarcerated in their own home. Usually house arrest just means GPS monitoring plus reporting to a probation officer (who might place on the inmate a curfew, but again, they aren’t locked inside after that time).

  28. There are different degrees of house arrest for sure.

  29. That dude smuggled weed and cocaine for Pablo Escobar.

  30. Because the point of some government systems is not to make money, but provide services. Example: Postal Service.

  31. The USPS was a money-maker when Franklin took over and was profitable until around 2006 for the most part.

  32. How does it being gang related change anything?

  33. Less empathy when it's criminals shooting each other.

  34. Diversify the entire energy grid in general.

  35. Wu-Tang Financial advised me to diversify my portfolio 20 years ago... It's paying off for sure!

  36. The American Psychiatric Association indicated that sexual inadequacy is often the cause for material overcompensation. But I’m open to any reasonable explanation as to why fanatical gun rights advocates’ need to own anti-personal weapons supersedes my child’s right not to become another statistic in the next mass shooting

  37. The APA also says that supporters of gun control are subconsciously racists.

  38. Holy strawman summary, Batman. That is not at all what that article says.

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