1. 59 Chevy Bel Air? Although I think the Impala and Biscayne might be more or less the same in the back

  2. They are all the same car just different options on them. The Biscayne had no chrome, radio, or any other luxuries

  3. Have you ever checked out an Ontario rat 1? Might be what you are looking for, a pretty fair sized knife for a good price. It is a liner lock but it is pretty tough.

  4. Maybe there isn't a point in it for you but it's just like cars, shoes, houses, etc... people spend what they want to get what they like

  5. Benchmade Griptilian , Benchmade Freek ,spyderco shaman, spyderco manix xl, spartan harsey folder ( full size), etc........there's way to many to list

  6. I show respect to everyone unless given a reason not to. I do know what you are saying though, seems like alot of people are just assholes for no reason

  7. I finally caught him! This here is the son of a bitch that's been going around biting everyone's damn knees!

  8. That is my exact experience with the microtechs I have owned. In my case it was a broken main spring everytime. Some people swear by them but I will never own another one. Good luck

  9. I always hear how great microtech is but I had nothing but problems out of the couple I have owned. Like the old saying goes IF IT WASN'T FOR BAD LUCK I WOULDN'T HAVE ANY LUCK

  10. I hear both stories which kind of scares me but this will be a rare carry, looks really good on my wfh desk lol. I got it because I have always wanted one, I am aware it is not practical but man is it cool.

  11. Lotion goes a long way.. the old tattoo on my penis looks brand new

  12. Potentially a lot of shit but that depends on if I win or not with the $2 lottery ticket I bought

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