Everybody, please chime in and comment how many shares you own. I’ll do my best to add everything up to try and get an idea of how many shares this sub owns!

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  2. The 6 months of ambivalence are slowly eroding me

  3. If it were certain there would be hedge funds on the bullish side driving price up

  4. Do you think Hedge Funds don't have long positions? Do you know what a hedge fund is? Did you graduate from high school?

  5. Under section 2: liquidity and going concern: “At this time, the Company does not have sufficient resources to repay the amounts under the Credit Facilities and this will lead the Company to consider all strategic alternatives, including restructuring its debt under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The Company is undertaking a number of actions in order to improve its financial position and stabilize its results of operations including but not limited to, cost cutting, lowering capital expenditures, and reducing its store footprint including related distribution centers. In addition, the Company will continue to seek reductions in rental obligations with landlords in its determination of the appropriate footprint, seek additional debt or equity capital, reduce or delay the Company's business activities and strategic initiatives, or sell assets. These measures may not be successful.”

  6. I will say one thing if we do get bought all cash deal and it's under $30 I will be pissed I bought 1550 shares at $10.28 and rode it all the way to $30 and back down to $10 then back to $15 then more less down to it low. Now I know what you are thinking, what an idiot why didn't he sell? well because this investment is more to me then just money, it's about fucking over the hedge funds that have fucked over retail investors for years. So if I sell it needs to be at the minimum $60 and it needs to squeeze alot more then $30 for the hedge funds to feel max pain.

  7. Thats a fuckin gamble best of luck. If announcement happens before Friday then congrats

  8. You might want to check that math… or you paid a $4 fee for a $10 transaction 😬

  9. This lady bought 210 @3.22 today, not a lot but got me over the 2xxx shares I was aiming for

  10. To me, it's very strange we don't get FUD-articles at high rate from the usual suspects.

  11. What form is showing you the total cash received? The filings I see have no price

  12. I think it is that they cant control both at the same time that well. Right now theyre going in heavy on bbby so gme gets relief

  13. It's 20.00 Hr over here, it's -2° outside, snooker on ITV3 and I have a few beers in the fridge.

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