1. Yup mine is doing the same thing now. Ugh - so frustrating, i don't even use the dial that much during shooting but mostly during review and here it's failed within a year and a half?! That's really annoying. I've got a note into the repair center here in Canada to see if they can give me an idea on price and time to repair. I've been hearing that lead time on new X100V's is atrocious and I don't want mine to get into the shop and then be stuck there for 2 months while they wait for parts.

  2. This is EXACTLY what mine is doing. Ugh - I was hoping there would be some sort of way a guy could jimmy it back into place. That repair price seems kinda nasty. :( makes me wonder if I can just deal with it not working...

  3. My buddy took these the rest I think he’s tossing up on his Insta: thirteen30rc

  4. If you don’t have at least 2 months of living in the bank then rc cars are at the bottom of the list. :)

  5. Nice vid! I kinda feel bad for that freshly graded baseball diamond though… lol.

  6. Nothing graded about this one haha. Basically abandoned except for occasional neighbourhood kids.

  7. I love my TRX4. But guys with Gatekeepers keep up with zero problems and I’d say that kit is the best bang for buck bar none on the market today for a good all round capable trail/crawler. Nose is long and will get hung up but you’ll learn to drive around that.

  8. Hack that chassis! Don’t be a coward. 😜 it’s epic but that chassis sticking out looks bush league.

  9. I actually got one of these from Haiboxing to do a review for them. I was quite impressed for the price point it’s so much better than something you’d get at a department store.

  10. Yup HaiBoxing Hailstorm, it’s the version 2 they just came out with. First time I’ve had the brand and I’m really impressed for the price point! No to mention free overnight prime shipping on Amazon.

  11. They’re molded in. Heads could be removed, so you could try something with that.

  12. Dude your review video is my favourite so far. Not just parking lot runs or bashing but showing this thing in unique environments doing fun stuff. Proof that just because it’s an Arrma you don’t have to drive it like a goon haha.

  13. Where did you get that body? Did the grill and mirrors come with it?

  14. It’s the Tamiya Fj Cruiser body. Comes with everything you see. It’s a lexan body.

  15. This is my charger. I got it as a recommendation from the RCCars discord. Is this not good?

  16. I would guess there is nothing wrong with your charger, so long as you have the settings right. The guts of most chargers are all the same.

  17. Got tag. Well if your running in too gear or bogging them down they could be hard on batteries. Stock electrics??


  19. I carry one of these in my kit, only thing that's ever broken in my trx4 aside from locker servos.

  20. Lesson learned, now I also carry a spare.

  21. Nice work dad! Looks like something me and my kid have done in the past. What a blast.

  22. It's too fun. :) The front mount seat is so nice too since we can interact a lot easier than if the kiddos behind me.

  23. This is dope! Just long and interesting enough to capture my attention! Do you think the insta360 would fit in your trx6's cabin? How do you find its use overall?

  24. Oh and it could be made to fit for sure. They've got a new tinier one that would fit in anything as well.

  25. Overall big fan of it. Great for catching shots of the kids and the trucks and on my bike/motorbike. Editing on the phone is easy (so long as it's got the horsepower on my samsung s9 it's pretty slow but doable)

  26. It’s cool but once you see the shadow of the stick you can’t help but focus on that

  27. For sure I noticed that too. Cloudy days will be best, or trying to keep the sun on the proper side.

  28. I tried upgrading my servo to a 2255, plugged it in my receiver, turned on the esc to try out the servo and it worked fine. Plugged everything back into place, turned the esc back on and the servo turned one way and it got stuck. Now my esc won’t turn on, any ideas what could have been the problem?

  29. I would check to make sure your trim is set in the middle. Its a little dial on your remote.

  30. My trim was set in the middle, servo horn wasn’t put on tight at all. Now the servo won’t turn at all, it’s stuck. I have a deep feeling the servo fried my esc because it won’t turn on at all.

  31. Oh and did you install their BEC? I believe its required for that servo or it will kill the esc.

  32. Is the LMT everything you ever wanted in a solid axel monster truck for bashing? I still have been able to get my hands on one as they haven’t came into my LHS yet even though hobby town has 3 or 4 restocks.

  33. It is by far the best one I've tried. I had an SMT10 and I was forever breaking it, and it was pretty mild as far as power. (and by the time I got it reliable it was more money than this LMT!) I played with a buddies Redcat and it left a lot to be desired. But this thing is a MONSTER out of the box. So fast, really high end components. I've got about 30 packs through it at this point and I've broken 1 link (my own bad, hit a post sideways mid-air) and my shock came apart.

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