1. It’s part of a series about the reviewer JAKE. He had some hilarious reviews and rated books like Moby Dick and Gravity’s Rainbow 1 star, only to reveal his 5 star pick: Danny Trejo’s autobiography.

  2. ‘Sayonara, Gangsters’ by Genichiro Takahashi. I’m very impressed by how good it is. It’s almost poetry in a prose form blend, without ever losing me as a reader. It’s rich, engaging and very funny. Love it.

  3. There should be a courtesy rating (A,B,C), where if you spam emote and rope a lot, your rating drops from A to B and B to C, and you will only be matched with other people in your courtesy rating bracket (A, B, or C).

  4. Haha, yeah, no need for communism hyperboles, but just social mmr or social ranking. Just like the dozen other types of ranking already in the game. Everything is better than having to take abuse from assholes who intentionally rope.

  5. They match up players based on deck strength, type of cards and mmr, why not match people up on the basis of how fast they play too. If ropers want to rope they can rope each other. If you emote a lot, you get matched with other people who emote a lot. They probably fall in the same category as ropers.

  6. They could, in general, give players a courtesy ranking. If you do a lot of emoting and roping your courtesy ranking drops and you only get matched with other people in the same courtesy ranking. This would solve OP’s problem and every other problem people have with emote spammers and ropers.

  7. The confidence with which William tosses aside these stories is baffling. A true member of the church of subjectivity.

  8. I hate it when people take too long to play, but if you can abort without penalty, people would abort out of their own bad opening hands instantly.

  9. I think not allowing an abort for some time (30 seconds) and only if the other player hasn’t passed priority would help mitigate this a little. Once the other player has decided to mull or keep, it’s game on.

  10. JAKE is ready for a bundle of these gems and a radioshow/ podcast. SILVERBLATT better watch out, there’s a new mayor in town.

  11. JAKE is on fire with these reviews. I was convinced he is a troll, but it turns out he is just a brilliant man.

  12. There is a Cambridge companion to his work, "elegant complexity" by Greg Carlisle, "Consider David Foster Wallace" by David Herring, "The Legacy of David Foster Wallace" by various writers, "Critical Insights" by Philip Coleman, and there is a book that writes from a negative point of view on him called "The unspeakable failures of David Foster Wallace" by Clare Hayes-Brady.

  13. Are any of these any good? My experience with most of these type of books is that it’s more about the writer of that book, or essay, pushing a certain narrative or idea, and not so much about their subject (in this case DFW), who becomes more of a straw man to make their, often farfetched and/ or political, point. Like they’re all a collection of undergrad essays.

  14. Cashing compliments and dishing out critique, at Jake’s level of confidence, must be a tiring experience for him.

  15. Capitalism sux so much, that even after his death Sean Connery is getting depressed about it.

  16. Same. Having P Ron go first always opens the table for great discussion.

  17. P Ron is in your club now? That backstabbing, ritz cracking, double timer can’t be trusted. Great at getting a discussion started though.

  18. Pretentiousness is attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed. It’s seldom used in this way though. It’s more often just used as a lazy way to dismiss something.

  19. Thank you for the recommendations! I have friends who have read “Consider the Lobster” and said that it is very good!

  20. Four of the essays of the Consider the Lobster bundle were collected as an audiobook, narrated by DFW himself. They’re on youtube and great fun to listen to.

  21. I recently saw a video where a first edition of The Hobbit, with a handwritten note from Tolkien to a relative attached, was valued at around $3,500. A first edition of V., while definitely awesome, cannot possibly be worth the same amount. I get the feeling the seller is hoping someone will just pay that amount.

  22. A first edition of The Hobbit, with a handwritten note by Tolkien, was sold in 2015 for 137.000 pounds. The valuation of 3500 was done in the nineties of a first edition from his personal library, I believe, and would probably be worth even more than 137k.

  23. This is what I was trying to argue - may I didn't say it correctly - that sometimes i feel every approach tries to cancel every another one, I have no problems with this approach - it's actually very sensible - but how it seems to cancel another's - tbh I also hate those heroic statement like "god is dead", it seems like a click bait that intellectuals would do.

  24. To understand “God is dead”, or “Death of the author” better, you need to read the text the quote is from, and a lot of other books and literature (all within the same canon and discourse of the argument), to get a grasp of what the author is trying to argue. You can’t just take one quote from a text and then, without context, freely associate with the quote and anything you can come up with. They have a specific meaning within a discourse and line of arguing. If you haven’t done your homework, and haven’t read a lot, not even the minimum of reading the text the quote is from, your comments on the quote are meaningless.

  25. Pillars of the Earth. Devoured it many years ago, and recently realize a lot of people despise that book.

  26. It has 4.3 stars on Goodreads with 720k votes. With only 4% of people rating it 2 stars or fewer. That’s not a lot of despising. Who doesn’t like PotE? I never met anyone who doesn’t at least respects that book.

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