Chapter 1067 spoiler

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  1. You can choose a color of the outer leather now? Is that not an upgrade?

  2. What happened to Sabo ? Oda show that part . I didn't forget about that

  3. Yes they will go over to next season … & check YouTube for new season banners

  4. What do you suggest? I'm confused 😕 and will update come today ?

  5. Probably when which witch draft challenge ends. 4 hours from now

  6. After a certain level coins are not a big deal so you buy whatever you want and don’t care about the price. You are just there to play or earn XP. I sell everything for the price offered or some things like chili popcorn or cloche hats I put at one coin just to make them sell. I like to wheat and the same people buy me out constantly and I assume it’s to make feed for the sanctuary. I’m level 182.

  7. Proper grammar makes communication more clear.

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