1. I doubt Musashi pretended. Unless his acting skills were so good that the panel close up showed his eyes blank out and fall limp, I’m not buying it.

  2. He's not a glass cannon. He just doesn't have piercing resistance. He's absurdly durable.

  3. Everything I stated here says otherwise though

  4. No it doesn't. Yujirou is so powerful he insta overwhelms the likes of Hanayama and Sukune with singular attacks. They either did not get back up, or were rendered unconscious, and they are both durability juggernauts. No demon back used.

  5. I imagine the person who beat him likely wasn’t the type to enter a tournament, if his personality was at all in line with the style that inspired shaori. Sort of an unspoken master type character

  6. Maybe, and that would mean he actually is just OP. Still, even Kaku, the grandaddy of grandaddy martial artists and the ultimate Shaori user, joined the tournament. So did Retsu's master; the Raitai is just that big a deal for them. In Baki "real deal" martial artists are all active fighters, so if that guy is beating a Raitai champion I'd assume he either joins tournaments or people he's trained that are as good as him or better would show up. I can't see there being anyway someone who beats a Raitai champion wouldn't be renowned or a participant.

  7. That kind of just goes with what I said though. Remember I said theres no way someone like that wouldn't have partaken themself, or had a student of similar or higher strength that partakes. Shibukawa being in tournaments follows that idea.

  8. There's literally nothing to suggest that Shobun Ron is any stronger than the Kaio that Alai Jr. beat in like five pages. Completely bogus to believe that a dude that beat Doppo and Shibukawa in like two and a half chapters is going to struggle against a one-off jobber.

  9. No there's actually quite a bit to suggest Ron is stronger than all the other Kaio sans Retsu.

  10. That is true kaku is really powerful against blunt force and has amazing destructivity, and he can beat Jack but it's gonna be significantly harder than beating up a guy like oliva, because jack can bite him and that shit gonna drop him fast

  11. You gotta remember that kaku is a old frail man and his defense is shit without shaori

  12. It's not hes actual one of the most durable chars in the series lol he took a bunch of punches from Yujirou after it was explicitly stated he bypassed Shaori by using the wall. He just doesn't have piercing resistance like Oliva or Hanayama.

  13. Yeah he also never took damage with his original look. Even Baki's jab that knocked him down didnt do anything, no scratches, nothing.

  14. Genuinely an infinite amount of Yujirou's would still lose to Goku. Infinity x Zero is still zero, and Yujirou's punches would quite literally do nothing to a serious Goku. Then Goku blows up the universe killing all infinity of them.

  15. Pretty sure Sukune offered his fucked up hand due to overconfidence, not Oliva choosing it.

  16. I mean, possibly but Oliva could've just offered his other hand since Sukune's was fucked up

  17. I wouldnt punch a gift horse in the mouth lol if Sukune wants to be cocky why not let him fuck around and find out. He just outstretched a hand and Sukune took it from there. Hopefully next chapter he decides to use his good one and we'll see what really happens

  18. Oliva punched Sukune while he was charging towards him with all of his own strength, speed and momentum, Jack just punched him while he was standing there.

  19. Oliva punched Sukunes forehead while Sukune was charging him, Jack punched him while he was stationary. Jack is also more durable than you think he is.

  20. Nah I'm not a jack downplayer he's just not more durable than Oliva. If Oliva's hand broke then presumably Jack's would too, but seems the situation was different as you said.

  21. Yeah that was in the translation I read as well

  22. All the older baki translations are very wrong, some people still think offensive shaori absorbs the attack and rubberbands it back at the person due to one of the translations.

  23. Offensive shaori is just really strong punches because of relaxation. He relaxes so super insanely well so that when he flexes his muscles for the punch it's an extremely powerful blow.

  24. Oliva disrespect has made me hate the series many times but if he just gets his spine crumpled again I will howl with laughter

  25. What’s so cringe about this scene ?

  26. Think he means the original definition of cringe and not the internet definition

  27. Galactus eats planets for breakfast. He turns mortals into super powered butler's. Galactus for the win. Flawless victory.

  28. Nonsense, Galactus isn't called "The Strongest Creature" is he? He gets negative diffed by Yujigoat, this downplay must end.

  29. I was gonna call cap on Goku but then I realized that if his transformations are considered techniques, then it would be a stomp since he'd become 50x stronger than Yujiro in every aspect, invalidating the whole equal stats caveat.

  30. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but other guy is right. Superman is written primarily by Superman dick riders. So he's actually a perfect being who is good at everything and all of his previously conceivable weaknesses rarely ever exist.

  31. It would never start, we'd just get a flash forward to the police interrogation of each of the goons with the officers asking "why did you turn yourself in" to which each of them respond in varying methodology that they "felt a primal fear and sought shelter and reform" and that "a chilling wind seemed to come across them". In reality, that wind was actually the gust of air caused from Baki Cockroach dashing through all 100 of them and imperceptibly lobotomizing each and every one of them in their .5 seconds of unconsciousness.

  32. He still had to make contact with the ink on Bach. I still say observations haki and superior speed is enough to avoid all of that. And to be fair that rename thing was shown very poorly. He called ywach a ant then smashed him twice with huge attacks. He should have been obliterated if he truly had the durability of a ant.

  33. Poople were probably expecting a more typical shouneny interaction. Which is one of three things happening:

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