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  3. Some probably are but some started discussion saying this things


  5. The real question is why do some gungeoneers not?!? Like why didn't ser Manuel, blockner, or the one in your screenshot dont get sent back to the breach via gtcktp? Why do they just die.

  6. You get sent to the breach only if the gtcktp "kills" you,Manuel died in a chest if I remember blocker got killed by you and and the guy in the screenshot got killed when the gungeon changed his floor an he got trapped. I think you can return to the breach only after something in the gungeon kills you

  7. Btw, does anyone else feel like you get a lot more heart drops when you're playing as The Robot compared to when you're playing as anyone else?

  8. I've heard it's because the game thinks that you are at half heart but I'm not sure.

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