LPT: Taking an ambulance will NOT get you seen faster at the ER.

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. I agree with this and will definitely open up a dialogue with him later today about how I’m feeling and hopefully that will help me work through it as well. Thanks!

  2. What about girls who prefer diapers… (disposable period underwear). Super lightweight comfy and failsafe, would like to recommend this to all pad enjoyers. Maybe it’s not very cost or environmentally friendly, going to do more research on this

  3. I buy reusable ones. It’s very environmentally friendly but somewhat expensive.

  4. It’s so cute the short hair also really flatters your face shape. I love the vampy shades so much, you literally look like a doll.

  5. It’s so cute the short hair also really flatters your face shape. I love the vampy shades so much, you literally look like a doll.

  6. My skin can randomly be really reactive and this happens if I accidentally layer two products both containing niacinamide. I just rinse with water and use vanicream for a few days.

  7. I just wanna say I’m 24 and my boobs have grown significantly throughout the past few years. I’d wait until you’re 25 at least.

  8. I’ve worn contacts for years and have never had flaking issues with Colourpop, which is budget friendly. Their super shock shadows are very addictive.

  9. Not even the actor wants to play my favorite character again.

  10. More Schadenfreude than scandal, but web-based algorithmic house flippers are losing their asses holding houses they paid too much for thinking realestate would always go up.

  11. Every time Apple removes a completely useful and normal feature and lies about why they’re doing it I feel like they’re insulting my intelligence. My brand loyalty is based entirely on convenience, I have no love for Apple.

  12. One thing nobody has really mentioned is that the beard and wool coat together make you look like a shiphand in a period drama, which isn’t bad! It’s not the shape or material but the specific shade of camel. In addition to stubble and a trim, maybe consider getting a coat that goes better with your face and skin tone.

  13. Heparin won't help you if you are having an ischemic stroke but go off lol

  14. What do you mean it won’t help lol, heparin gtt is regularly used when people are bridging to orals. I have personally initiated or managed heparin drips in patients who have dvts, afib, etc that were discovered when they came in with a stroke and who are now post stroke and need to bridge to PO meds so they don’t have another stroke or a PE or start having TIAs.

  15. You said it yourself - heparin is so they don't have another stroke.

  16. Yes and you need to be in the hospital for a heparin gtt so clearly there isn’t “nothing” we can do for you.

  17. I can't find cool contours. Just bronzy ones. I still have that old NYX Taupe blush, at least.

  18. After having worked at Cooper for long enough to know the inner workings, if I get shot or stabbed that’s where I want to be taken. Excellent trauma services and just a pretty damn good facility overall.

  19. Yes and a locked ICU because as one of the ICU nurses told me, a lot of the patients are victims of crime and they don't want the perpetrators coming in to try to finish the job.

  20. You wouldn’t believe how many patients are victims of violent crimes. A lot of them are vulnerable, elderly, substance use disorders, bad socioeconomic situations etc. Even patients who are unidentified because they’re found down with no ID and can’t speak for themselves. The most you can do is take care of them and keep them safe which I thought we did an excellent job of in that facility. It was eye opening to say the least.

  21. Where I live (Germany) they recently had a promo code for a bag with 16 minis when you spend a certain amount. If I'm not mistaken it was 100€ you had to spend. They also added a couple more freebies to my order outside of the giftbag as they normally do (in my experience).

  22. They NEVER do anything like this in the US, if you’re lucky you might get a promo code for a milligram of foundation in three medium shades. I’ve spent $400 at Sephora in one go and no promos were available except for a lipstick sample.

  23. PLEASE post more makeup looks that you do. Even if they're simple, you're gorgeous and you have SO much makeup that I'm actually curious to see how it looks ON because I might want to buy it myself

  24. Thank you so much 🥰!! I definitely want to post more when I’m back home in a few weeks. Especially because right now I only own makeup that I really like and nothing that I’m trying to pan out of spite lol.

  25. Lmao. I remember one about linemen after a hurricane.

  26. That was my first experience seeing the bunny thing and it was as gag worthy to see them as it is now.

  27. Especially right after a natural disaster. Out there handing out bottled water and emergency blankets like total sluts. Why not just get on the Red Cross table, spread your cheeks, and flash the lineman your bleached asshole? /s

  28. I just asked my friend about this because her ex husband is some kind of lineman. She told me she was added to an MLM group chat (LOL) with his supervisor’s MAGA wife who tried to sell her shitty makeup and then told her it was super “unusual” of her to openly date a Union man for so long before getting married. At the time she was a union RN, also they were only together for 3 years before the wedding lol. It was strongly implied that they thought she was gross for marrying him for “his money”…she was making more than him.

  29. I brought this plant inside a few weeks ago and just noticed this. It’s only on the new growth and doesn’t appear to be insect related unless the insect in question is too small or hidden to see.

  30. Did you switch from oral BC to a copper IUD or did you get a hormonal IUD after not having any form of hormones? The best treatment for the dryness would be to tackle what’s causing you to need harsh topicals to begin with. In the meantime I would try putting La Roche Posay Baume Cicaplast under either Vanicream or the Versed skin soak, that combination really changed the look and feel of my skin last winter when it got so dry it peeled for weeks. Also moisturizing in the same room as the shower before walking out into the less humid air really does make a massive difference for me.

  31. I’ve been in one of those situations and had to call 911, and I am still anti-police. They came because it was their job to show up and they did, late and begrudgingly. They then did such a piss poor job that their report contained complete fiction and I was unable to sue for my medical bills, which I went into debt over (pre ACA).

  32. We have beggartick and it attracts tons of pollinators plus it’s got cute yellow flowers.

  33. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve never seen a single nun in my life. But somehow they’re everywhere in old sitcoms.

  34. I see nuns all the time for some reason?! I’ve never thought about this before lol.

  35. Thank you! I use the Shiseido Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation in 220. It's really nice, not too heavy if you like a sheer/medium foundation.

  36. I love synchro skin! It’s the only foundation of which I’ve ever panned more than one bottle.

  37. Yeah urgent care is the adult version of the school nurse. An actual middle ground that could treat a wound or mild infection would be nice without the costs and clogging of a full blown hospital or the complete and utter uselessness beyond the most basic of scrips and bandaids that urgent care offers

  38. Every urgent care I’ve ever been too (there have been many!) has been able to stitch a cut or give me antibiotics.

  39. The one in our area will give you prescriptions and test for strep or whatever, or send you for an x-ray, but if it's anything more than that, they send you next door to the ER. They don't do stitches or anything there, it's all at the ER.

  40. Where I live there are so many urgent care locations it’s actually overwhelming and there are several run by large academic medical centers in the area staffed by their ER doctors. I think that’s probably why it’s so much easier to get good treatment at one of these. I had a very suspicious spider bite not too long ago and they saw me within five minutes of arriving and shot me up with some steroids, and my bill was very affordable. It’s a major benefit of living in a medical corridor (upper mid Atlantic coastal states).

  41. This looks exactly like the psoriasis patches I get. Whatever it is, see a derm and even if it’s nothing you can use this as an excuse to get your yearly skin check. My yearly skin check literally saved my life, now I just have a scar on my arm from the resulting mohs surgery instead of full blown skin cancer.

  42. The whole setup is awkward. The media stand is meant for a much smaller screen and/or an older model flat style console, I would go with a longer stand with better storage and simply place the tv on it, centered. The console should go in the media center, not on it. And the sub can sit on the floor next to it.

  43. I wanted this to smell like their hail products, it didn’t and I accidentally left it in a bar bathroom after having it for a week. RIP. I’ll still buy that hair oil as long as I have money to spend.

  44. Lol I’m sorry this made me laugh 😂 I haven’t tried the hair oil and idk if I will hahah

  45. Lololol fair! I love their hair products but I also don’t have “difficult hair,” I’m like a 2c, on the thicker side and down to my waist.

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