1. I wanted to do a Jazz competition not a rap competition!

  2. there going to be new stuff very soon! getting some crew and shit together.

  3. House of the Dragon, so fairly recently.

  4. So happy for them they deserved it. Despite House of the Dragon being the most popular show in this category they really felt like the underdogs even they didn’t expect to win but I’m glad they did!!!

  5. Hey if I was Milly and had to sit through this ceremony for 3 hours id get drunk too

  6. So happy for them they deserve it!!!! It was also super obvious they weren’t expecting to win

  7. I want a smaller scale show unlike GOT and HOTD lets make this a character piece set exclusively in the north about Jon and the wildlings

  8. Dexter is one of my favourite shows of all time but after a recent rewatch I feel like the show never found its footing after season 1

  9. Ep1: It was just such a great reintroduction to this world I thought I knew.

  10. I literally played against this guy in U10 soccer and now hes on the Canadian WC team lifes crazy

  11. Wow they say fuck a lot in a Dexter revival how shocking

  12. Its good, its very cool the insight they give on the episodes and how much they still remember. Its very noticeable that Tom is new to podcasting while Michael has been doing it for years he sometimes feels the need to command the episode. You can also tell that its harder to talk about season 1 becaus its the most freak of the week season I think further in there will be more exciting things to talk about

  13. Cuz the CRM is gonna feel really stupid when they find out….They’re screwing with the wrong person!

  14. Funny enough i think this was the pasta from the “Who does she like better?” episode

  15. One question in recent years I ask of his roles, was he ever acting?

  16. Rumour is in the movie Horrible Bosses they just told Spacey to be himself

  17. Nah sociopaths are more erratic and less able to hide who they really are whereas psychopaths are more calculated and manipulative and better at disguising themselves as normal like Frank

  18. The picture of Hitler and it says “Spenny’s Dad”

  19. Criston Cole isnt as bad as everyone is making him out to be. Unlike most of these characters he comes from nothing so when he became a member of the kings guard he finally had status and he broke his oath by having sex with Rhaenyra and fell in love with her. Then he trys to regain some honour by marrying her but she rejects him. So hes lot his honour, his love, and could potentially be executed so he hates himself and kills someone in rage and then almost himself. Through Alicent he redirects his hatred for himself to hatred for Rhaenyra. Hes a much more complex character then holding a grudge over a rejection.

  20. I think the Battle at Rooks Rest would be a cool episode 9 in season 2. Like the Battle of Blackwater in season 2 of GOT

  21. That black people are lesser than white people

  22. She didnt have it in her to kill them all, honestly that makes her human

  23. atleast 300 people died right there in the dragonpit

  24. That was her dragon she was trying to escape that’s collateral damage, theres a difference between that and murdering half ur family

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