1. That’s interesting. I don’t hear that prescribed often for chronic pain, it seems to be used primarily for short term purposes. The only way to know why he chose it is to ask. He may be of a different philosophy than others regarding pain management (not necessarily a bad thing) or perhaps your joint paint is impacting your quality of life severely enough that he feels the benefits outweigh the possible issues? I’d say to ask! I’m curious what you learn - doctors went from throwing pills at people a few years ago to looking at you like a maniac for mentioning a need for pain relief.

  2. I asked my rheumatologist about pain killers and he said to ask urgent care and that’s what they prescribed me but I googled everything like a mad man bc I take so many meds and I’m like did the doctor even check if these mix ?!

  3. Your doctor prescribed acetaminophen to someone with kidney failure and on dialysis? I'm not so sure that's the best idea. Although rarely prescribed by rheumatologists it can be a very helpful medicine for pain, but it can also be prescribed as just hydrocodone without the acetaminophen. You may want to ask if it's OK for you to take with your kidney condition.

  4. That’s what I was thinking I’ve taken two and while in the hospital they gave it to me for my pain it’s like my hip hurts so bad but I’d rather not if it’s that’s dangerous . I asked the pharmacist if there are any interactions and she said the doctor would never ok it if he thought it was dangerous but I thought that was a lazy answer

  5. Just be diligent about eye exams and you'll be ok.

  6. Omg I’ve been on it for a month now and I feel like my vision is changing/ worsening I had no idea it was a side effect !!!

  7. Yep about a month after my medication my face swelled up too and i feel like I was kinda imagining it , the swelling went down tho on its own after a couple weeks

  8. My lupus was the worst right after I got covid it like made every symptom I had twice as hard and the recovery was ROUGH

  9. Always clarify with your doctor, seriously, but I’ve had female patients tuck their dialysis catheter in their bra strap to keep it from flopping around. Could do the same thing wearing a sports bra to bed.

  10. The papers they gave me were mainly warnings of infections I didn’t get any catheter care tips at all but they said the dyalisis nurses would clean it for me but I wish I could learn myself as well, I’m a little scared to ask the nurses there bc of how rough my nurse was …. She said to use paper tape and keep it dry but I’m not sure what dry even means….

  11. Yes a big amount of trauma in my childhood, late teens , I also believe it’s made my autoimmune disease worsen

  12. Definitely have gotten my share of sore gums/ ulcers it’s very scary I switched tooth pastes, can’t eat anything crunchy or spicy took about a month of constant brushing to clear up, paradontax is what helped

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