1. Hey girl! I’m 60 y/o female and I’m having the same experience. I do 0.15gm 3-4 times a week. My two biggest improvements would be my brain works better-easier to focus and stay present, and that critical voice that has plagued me since the age of 14 is gone! I feel more confident, compassionate for myself and others. I also journal my MD days and have gone back to my yoga practice.

  2. 7 years is a lot of experience to walk away from. Have you explored trying to move up in your current company? Become a trainer or supervisor.. a recruiter? Most call centres promote from within. Your director probably started on the phones and is making 6 figures now without a degree. With 7 years as a virtual agent you have skills that are in demand. If you know your current mgt will never tap you for another role (because you have asked multiple times), consider moving to a new call centre company. From day one do your best and at every opportunity ASK for the chance to move up. Let everyone you work with know your intention.. be it becoming a supervisor, a trainer or ? Maintain good attendance, do a good job - you don't have to top all the charts. Just be a consistent performer. Insist that your supervisor help you lay out the plan for promotion. Find the company that values you, if your current one is lacking.

  3. Both pens are terribly overpriced but the marker plus is much more useful for me. I have both. I love the weight of the Marker + and I use the eraser a lot. The solid black color screams... "lose me" though. I am hyper-sensitive to having it fall off, etc.

  4. I work from home and am glued to my chair from sun up to sundown. Thankfully MD is helping my motivation to move more... that said, I've lost 60 pounds in the last year even with the glued-to-my-chair choice I've been making. No fab diets, no nothing except counting calories and nutrition. I use an app called cronometer and I log everything I eat, every day. I set my weekly weight loss goal (1.6 lbs) and I try to pre-plan my meals in the app to fit my calorie target. Do this and you will lose weight.

  5. I pre-ordered the 14 Pro silver from Rogers on mid-day 9/10. Received the return box for my current phone on Wed. and the 14 is out for delivery today. Excited, I thought I would have to wait until October because I was a bit late to pre-order.

  6. I had the same question and didn't purchase their pen with my original order. I had sticker shock when I saw the order total, so I nixed the pen and folio. I picked up this pen from EBay instead: HP 2EB40UT X360 11 EMR Pen with Eraser. The folio from Amazon:

  7. I was going thru tips in the beginning too. I changed the pen tool to the Fineliner and it seems to have slowed down the wear.

  8. This is the best guide I'm aware of for how to install and use templates on the rM2:

  9. Hi, great point on dimensions. What are the standard dimensions that you would use in Canva?

  10. I believe the official rM aspect ratio is 1872x1404 (height x width)

  11. I purchased from Scott in June this year, trilogy wedding set. I love the rings and I feel like I got value/quality for the money. He was responsive throughout the process.

  12. I ordered the same from Scott but with the 3ct. I'm so excited. Question, how far up does the setting sit? Does it cause you any issues? Thanks :)

  13. Got my shipping notice today. Size 8, Ordered 11/17, confirmed size with kit on 11/25. Shipping to Canada.

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