People who aren't afraid of death, how?

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  1. Sometimes there is only one right way to say something. I gave an example in this comment thread

  2. With the risk of being pedantic, I will rephrase and ask who is the last word on these things?

  3. I guess Central/South America with Igor Fraga. I didn't have time to submit the answer because I had family over. At least I only missed some credits rather than the parts or ticket.

  4. Shit, I guessed europe 🤦 can you steer me in the right direction today please

  5. I'm sorry. I don't spend every waking minute on Reddit sir. My profound apologies that I made you look at it again.

  6. Are you looking for an argument or something? They merely pointed out that it's a reoccurrence and you got all defensive.

  7. Its hilarious to me that hardly anyone buying cali weed knows its just normal weed in a fancy packet

  8. Have you been to London? That very well could be the English supporters

  9. Feet, I don't understand it. Also nearly everything in porn nowadays.

  10. Are any of these unique to Dublin or is it not all just cockney slang?

  11. Iifc I read in a book that cockney slang originated from Patrick St here in dublin

  12. It's inevitable, so don't think about it 🤷‍♂️ why are you afraid of death?

  13. What I find often in a lot of subs is that common sense is frowned upon.

  14. You'll pick one up on O'connell st for 50 quid. Problem is its stolen also. Thats the only cheap way I know of unfortunately 😕

  15. From cherryorchard, can confirm it does be mad at times. But its just like you said, if you keep to yourself its highly unlikely anything will happen.

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