1. I hate this new ban. A lot of stores are only offering "reusable bags" now. You have use those bags hundreds of times before it is more efficient and less wasteful than a conventional disposable bag. As long as people can forget and just buy a new disposable bag for a buck, you will end up with mountains of "disposed" or forgotten reusable bags (with a greater carbon footprint and waste than the bags they were meant to replace).

  2. Post media, show us where the big bad Liberals hurt you... This article is absolute drivel.

  3. You should bolster your argument by pointing out all the factual inaccuracies in this piece as well. Based on your comment, I'm sure you can find lots of them.

  4. Yeah, studios dont usually care what your politics are (contrary to popular belief, many studio execs are republicans), just if it results in bad press. Clint Eastwood and Chris Evans are pretty openly political, on different ends of the spectrum, but they dont cross any lines that would be considered too spicy, and they could get any movie they want.

  5. To add to your point, Clint Eastwood worked with Sean Penn and Tim Robbins (both very liberal) on the fantastic Mystic River.

  6. If you're ever wondering which ideology is populated by the good guys, just ask yourself who celebrates the death of their political opponents.

  7. "why is everyone mocking me for demanding my propaganda be respected and engaged with?"

  8. "I can't find anything factually wrong with the article so I'm going to avoid the question entirely."

  9. The corresponding thread in another subreddit has been locked and removed for some reason.

  10. Do I have to tap off after the stabbing?

  11. That's because they're not testing for covid at the hospitals. If they don't test for covid then they can't say you have it.

  12. Yeah guy's a total dummy. Look at his credentials. Not as good as a random Redditor.

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