1. Removing the limit, it will become like irl. Rich become richer, poor become poorer. Top 1% players holding 99% of the gold.

  2. I got like 4 1520 dps alts and I can't be bothered to push them. You literally hold dps like half the fight in brel if you have a competent team in gate 6 and damage is not the issue.

  3. Isn't that having high ilvl allows you to tank more scratch resulting a more relaxing fight?

  4. g4 is a good comparision point for g6. overwhelming and confusing the first two to three times you do it, very easy to the point of it being almost free after.

  5. I can do clown g3 while Netflix. Does that mean I can try g56? Seems like I have hope...

  6. Some people treat it as a perk. I am done with the raid then I can touch some grass now. And I won't fomo I haven't done enough times.

  7. The real answer is monetization

  8. Yes, but other reasons are like side-effects that also contribute to the equation.

  9. Which country you from and what's your ISP? Could be something only happened on the route from your ISP to lostark server.

  10. It’s very likely we will get Slayer this year. But being hyped for something so fresh can be kind of risky.l since we don’t know where she’ll end up once we have months of experience on her n stuff

  11. It is probably at best we are getting this year. With 4 months class release (if we follow artist), then earliest is December (after aeromancer at august). But realistically, it is unlikely there isnt any delay. Better get your expectation low than high.

  12. KT requires the previous continent done. So you'll need to do Feiton MSQ to Punika KT.

  13. Would the completion of rohendel and yorn using this way gives you more KT quota?

  14. Don't those require doing the quests manually?

  15. A punika powerpass will give you KT quota for all previous region.

  16. People just don't want to play supports. Best they can is to make a cheap alt so that they have free entry ticket for raids for weekly gold.

  17. Don't pally has godsent and bard has rapsody? Those are big play save and as a DPS I always have the heartbeat when a support does his job while I greed for dps instead of just mindlessly spamming.

  18. just run 8 dps, for the cost of a extra hp pot or 2 its not worth the gate.

  19. To me, playing without support is not fun. Not about cost/pots nor about can't dodge stuff. Enjoyment is not there even if I can clear it without support. So no point playing a raid if it isn't fun.

  20. There is a community guide with all the builds figured out. Check that out and saved you all the time.

  21. Then the role of support is never taken for the raid if you can do it without them with no difference :)

  22. I mean no difference on the raid enjoyment. But 3+1 would still clear faster than 4 dps. So a highly coordinated raid will still prefer support, but HW pugs would be first come first serve, and if some support come, sure better; if no support, no worries we go as well.

  23. I don't know you, but I like support because I've always fulfilled that role on other games and I love it. Not because of any advantage.

  24. Yeah but pretty sure some people make a support because of support privillage.

  25. Playing 6 paladin probably is the most cost effective roster. No gatekeeping as long as your profile is decent. Low skillpoint requirement. Safest choice for a support. Even bad pally won't be too bad, unless major mech fck up. Gem is cheap, engraving cheap as 4x3.

  26. Why would you cherry pick info like ilvl, roster lvl and class to tell us. That's already toxic in a way.

  27. bro had me rolling at 21 guardian raid reset tickets

  28. Lol... Why i mean you also can do the turtle if your not up for the challenge...

  29. Don't really care about min maxing profit, but rest bonus being full looks annoying. So just finding something to deplete it quickly. Turtle is annoying with the map, deska is quick and easy, and half afk.

  30. Best case for now probably is buy skin and sell at AH. New Year skin chest has absurd rate compare to Witcher skin chest, you can check on that.

  31. "below lvl60 means you barely play character"

  32. You could also say a lvl 50 player who applied is a god gamer, can solo the whole raid even in berserk. The problem is who knows... People just want to lower the risk. Not that it is 100% foolproof, but lower the risk...

  33. You could also say a lvl 50 player who applied is a god gamer, can solo the whole raid even in berserk. The problem is who knows... People just want to lower the risk. Not that it is 100% accurate, but lower the risk...

  34. They kinda force us to progress by raids, so forbid buses and have only 1% of players progress through the game?

  35. You just named one of the problem with the game. Progression is like one straight line with no other choice.

  36. Why is earring preferred? Isn't that necklace would be more expensive? Or else ring would be more cost effective?

  37. Earring is the one piece that you can’t cheap out on without getting punished in terms of stats. With a necklace, you can get a 70 quality with almost maxed primary stats and some classes don’t really care too much about the secondary stat. With a ring, you can get a 70 quality and lost out on a small amount of stats. But with an earring, you miss out on a lot more stats.

  38. I mean this earring probably isn't for people who think logically... You would just buy at a cheaper price for ring if you are looking for cost effeciency. If you want high quality earring, you would just combo with cheaper engravings.

  39. I mean they are gate keeping themselves. Any other raid with a supp, it might have a chance to fill. Without supp well they didn't understand how gatekeep works

  40. Sometimes people join without checking, especially on low level raid. It's just fishing...

  41. If you are using crit stat then roll it for your second stat. Still can use it even if you didn't get it.

  42. When your graphic card has problem, you complain to ASUS (whoever in the front), not Nvidia. Whether it is Nvidia's fault on the GPU or ASUS's fault on the fan, you let them deal with it internally.

  43. Good point. But, if im ASUS and NVIDIA ships me shit chips that die after one year of use. Is that ASUSES fault or NVIDIA. Thats what I am saying. Shoudnt you get mad at the people who were in control of making a product? This whole thing with smilegame does no wrong is really bad.

  44. Doesn't matter, majority of the people isn't technical or researched into who is incharged, they talk to whoever is infront. Do you know which semi-conductor factory supply to Nvidia? I don't... You can't really trace all the way back...

  45. Out of those 3 things you listed, do you think honing to a higher Ilvl is the best one to do for HM vykas? Don’t plan on doing clown

  46. Yes, you can park at 1472.5. Being 1460 you are instant denied without even viewing your profile in vykas hm.

  47. That is partly true but even so, that doesn't explain why the people in the reddit itself is like that.

  48. Nah game dev is like a god, they control literally everything. As a theme park MMO, we behave as how they intended. We all come from different MMO, and we play other games that "non-toxic" as well. Its the people living in this earth.

  49. It becomes a real issue when you have more than one char upgrading break gear. It then becomes an issue almost always in the future. You always needs gold and silver but the silver costs get pretty high.

  50. It is to avoid rushing/swiping too hard. If you just play at the dev's intended pace, you should be just fine.

  51. I think he meant like in surge, you have a skill you can spam when boss is not around or anything to mantain adrenaline6, RE will lose it because wasting skills is not optimal anyway.

  52. You can rebuild it very quickly. Not a big deal.

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