1. Double barrel shotgun shoot both barrels in the air what do you need an assault rifle 15 to hunt for they ain’t wearing Kevlar vests

  2. Definitely not something to stress over but it for sure happens

  3. The coil soaks up some of the liquid so it looks short usually. But it’s fine, if you do have a problem or concern they’ll be glad to replace ir

  4. Idk about authenticity it that’s a fine looking blade either way

  5. This restaurant I worked at a few years back had a big catering they were doing. Well the one kid they had picking the turkey was new and apparently didn’t pick it to their standards. So what do they do? Well they pull the turkey out of a disgusting ass kitchen garbage can and pick the rest of the meat off. God I feel bad for that newly wed couple. If only they new their marriage was getting kicked off with trash turkey

  6. What's most amusing to me is how it only takes minimum wage to make the average Redditor keep their mouths shut in these situations.

  7. Acting as if I didn’t tell the head chef and owner😭😭😅

  8. That’s actually dope as fuck. I wish I had a cookie to give you for this brilliance

  9. I have their chiruwa ang khola which I've had for years. I don't use it too much anymore, but not because it isn't a beast of a knife. I bought it for camping to use as a knife, axe, and machete all in one, but after hiking with all that weight a few times I've gone lighter, lol.

  10. What product did you switch to if you don’t mind me asking?

  11. I’d say the first thing would to not admit to possessing pizza Then the next logical step would to be delete the pizza and act like nothing happened

  12. He’s looking for Texas Red as we speak

  13. That rig is useful if you need to look like a dumbass

  14. He is lucky no one else was armed, I believe brandishing like that can get you shot

  15. If some guy pulled up on my friend and pulled out a pistol I’d definitely have to end up shooting the guy. He obviously didn’t pull it out to just converse. He’s ready to use that thing and clearly doesn’t know how to handle it. Very dangerous

  16. Damn dude this is assault take this shit to the police, where did this happen at

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